Monday, January 12, 2009

Project Time

Every time I tell Grace we're going to do a project her little face lights up and she gets that same sweet grin from when she was itty bitty - I. LOVE. IT. She also runs to grab one of her aprons to wear - too many baking projects?? :)

Deciding where to put valentine heart stickers is serious business :)
The paper punch was definitely a hit. White glue (messiest of all) - her favorite. Little hands busy at work. Thank goodness for re-positionable stickers! Grace had definite ideas as to where she wanted them to go. A little more glue never hurt anything, right? Add a little love note... (and a couple of decorative marker strokes to her chin :) and voila! When I stuck it on the refrigerator Grace told me, "It's SO pretty, Mama" As part of our "love project", I asked Grace who she loved so I could capture it on a little memory sticker for years to come. Here are her five answers in the order she gave them to me:
1. Elmo's world
2. Cookie monster
3. Jaxon (our dog)
4. My family
5. Crayons
Later, to finish off our valentine decorating Grace had fun showing her Daddy exactly where to place the vinyl stick-ons :) ...and yes, she was still wearing her apron ;)


Sweet P Preston said...

Grace did a great job with her Valentine Project and her hair is getting so long and pretty. Such a little lady.

Anonymous said...

Oh you're so lucky that Grace actually looks at the camera! I go hoarse trying to get Carson's attention! She's so cute!

Jessica said...

Try something like this: "Oh my goodness, Grace, do you see this little elf/monkey/duck (current favorite animal) that's hiding in the camera? Can you see it? It's smiling right at you!"

It always works for Grace, although sometimes she'll start inching up toward the camera to "find" the animal, which makes for blurry pictures.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great idea and tip! I haven't tried that and belive me, I will next time! Thanks for the tip!