Sunday, January 25, 2009

One busy weekend

What started as one project soon turned into a major overhaul. Tell me I'm not alone in this, this happens at your place too, right? You start out working on something, a contained project if you will, and next thing you know, you realize this needs to be done before that can be done and this other thing would make the first thing even better and on and on and on...home improvement/decorating domino style.

We planned to simply finish emptying the guest room and prep it for Grace's big girl room transformation. That led to the hall closet needing to be reorganized, baby gear needing sorting, the kitchen drawers needing cleaning out, the recipe file organized, bins of clothes needing to be separated into sell/donate/keep piles, Grace's toys needing sorting out, dust collectors - I mean stuffed animals - bagged for donation (yeaaaaaay!), and the list goes on...I still haven't tackled my mess of a closet, although that is next on the list.

Amidst all that, we've been working on this:

So far, Grace just likes to sit on the potty with her clothes ON - not to keen on going diaper free just yet.

And here's the little pumpkin excited over the pink paint in her big girl room Do you remember that spinning arts & craft toy (like the ones used in pottery) that you could squirt paint in while it was moving and it would make a little modern art piece tie-dye style? EXACTLY what we feared would happen to the room if Grace was in there "helping", so right after that photo Grace and I left for a couple of hours to do a little shopping for baby brother :) Had to get out of the house...every couple of minutes she would run to the (locked) bedroom door and say, "You in there, Daddy? I know you in there Daddy. Daaaaaady, DAAAAAAAADY!!!!"

You know that quote, "the way to a guy's heart"...well, the way to a pregnant woman's heart is to help her carry out all the projects she comes up with and to do so while at least PRETENDING to be happy to do so. Lance was so great this weekend. Not only did he humor me with my projects, he did all the lifting, moving, and painting AND he let me sleep in this morning, cooked Grace breakfast, and when I emerged from my 2-hour hibernation (Grace has suddenly decided that waking up 3-4-5 times a night is the cool thing to do), had scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with jelly ready for me. Gotta love him! Thanks, hon!

A very productive weekend indeed! Hope you all had a great weekend, whether filled with projects or project free.

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