Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Curious George

Another first! One of the local movie theatres offers a free kids' matinee every Tu/Wed during the summer. This was their first week and the selection was Curious George! Perfect for the little pumpkin as she is a big fan of the cute monkey and the man in the yellow hat.

I figured this was the perfect opportunity to take Grace to the movies for the first time since the theatre would be full of kiddos and their mamas and people would probably not mind the loud (but cute) comments, crying, dancing and whatever else from the wee ones. Grace had a blast and only cried once toward the end when George gets put in a cage on a ship back to Africa :) ...not to worry, in the end the man in the yellow hat rescues him and they are best pals for life!

And the little pumpkin? Check out her new trick: closing her eyes whenever someone tries to take her picture. Fun times!