Friday, June 19, 2009

is it time yet?

Images by Creative Breathing

Back up with me for a second to last Tuesday at my doctor's visit...OK, Great! Seems things were progressing right along, but maybe Hudson needed a little push - quite literally you might add. Well after worrying for weeks that he would be early, we were now navigating a whole new world...the world of inductions. Long story short it was decided that I would be induced at 5:30 a.m. on Friday (as in today) if Hudson hadn't arrived by then. I would be right at 39 wks. WOW!

Okay, now fast forward to Thursday morning (are you confused yet? I think I am). Seems God had different plans for baby Hudson. I got a call from my doctor's office to tell me that due to a rush of emergency inductions and deliveries at the small private hospital I wish to deliver at, my induction had been bumped to Monday morning, same time. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty bummed. I had already psyched myself up for Friday morning. We had all our plans and arrangements made. After spending some time sulking about the whole thing I finally came to terms with it reminding myself that God's plans are not always our plans...but He's always in control.

So who knows, maybe Hudson will make his debut some time this weekend...without the need for an induction (can you tell I'm a little scared of the whole induction thing?). And if not, then come Monday hopefully the stork will be paying us a visit... Tick tock...
Tick tock... it time yet?


Sweet P Preston said...

We are thinking about you all. Maybe Hudson will decide to make his appearance soon. Take care. Love yall.

Cori said...

Yeah! Monday's my anniversary. It's also my grandparents' anniversary. Special day for a special man. To think where his daddy was 7 years ago. I wonder if he ever imagined he'd be welcoming his son into the world 7 years later. Wow! All in good time, my dear. Inductions aren't so bad. They didn't put you on a drip to help you along with Grace? Listen to your body and speak up. Don't do like I did and suffer through. You're gonna be just fine. And so is Baby Hudson. God IS in control.

Jessica said...

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts!

Julie~ when they postponed it, I kept thinking we needed to just plan to go out to eat with you guys and have us joke that it's our last dinner out before baby - just like with Grace - and then boom! maybe Hudson would decide to make his appearance the next day like his big sis :) ha, ha, ha

Cori~ I had no idea about your anniversary on Monday - CONGRATS!! 7 years - wow! How time flies!! You know with Grace my water just broke out of the blue and they did start a pitocin drip when we got to the hospital but unfortunately it worked too well and my labor progressed too quickly, causing Grace's heart rate to drop. It was pretty scary. At one point they had to give me drugs to counteract the pitocin and stop the contractions while literally dropping the top of my bed to where I was pretty much in a handstand position just to relieve the pressure she was experiencing. Then pitocin again a while later. I felt like I was on a see-saw going back & forth. That's probably why I'm not a big fan of inductions, but hopefully it'll be different this time since Hudson is term :)

Can't wait for you all to meet him!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica, Lance and Little Pumpkin Grace:

Our prayers and thoughts are with each of you while your family of three becomes four. We pray that mommy and baby have a safe and healthy delivery. We pray that daddy has a wonderful first father and son moment. We pray that Grace has a magical, I'm a big sister moment. And I pray, as a mother of a little boy, that mommy has that special moment of looking into her little boy's eyes for the very first time and welcoming him to this world.

God bless each of you. The Davenport's can't wait to meet the little guy! Love you guys!