Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dandelion wishes

I've been trying to squeeze every little moment that we have just us girls before our family welcomes Hudson. The little pumpkin is my sidekick for sure and I love spending time with her.

Such a little flirt. By the way as we were talking about sharing and how important it is, Grace proceeds to tell me that she likes to share with Miles, a friend from school. Same cute boy she told me kicked her chair a while back and ate some of her lunch :) This time she tells me "Miles is really, really nice Mama. He shared his lollipop with me. Isn't that nice?" A crush already?? And she remembered after being out of school for several weeks?!? Yikes!

A cheesy "cheese" What is this little flower? Get ready and blow! Did you make a wish? ...I hope it comes true!

And finally, a little sneaky peaky at Hudson's room.

Grace likes to point out all the new things "and HER new toys" in Hudson's room :O

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