Friday, June 5, 2009


Still here and still no Hudson, so I think he's decided he's really cozy in there and is in no hurry to rush things along :) I'm so excited to have made it to 37 weeks!!! THANK YOU to all of you who have been praying along with us for a term baby :)

This morning Grace and I joined my friend Bridgette and her super adorable little boy Hayden for a fun play date at one of those INDOOR inflatable play places (very important when you're very pregnant and it's 90+ degrees outside :)

Such a STRONG boy!! This shot reminds me of that old tv show American Gladiators, where they used to compete in all kinds of crazy sport endurance stunts. All this jumping is serious business you know! Time for the slides! Notice anything familiar in this picture? I'll give you a's pink. Yup, Grace didn't let go of the pink princess ball the ENTIRE time we were there :) What can I say, the little pumpkin loves her some pink! After jumping for a good hour and a half, we took a break for lunch at a yummy health deli. The kiddos looked so adorable. I so wish I would have thought to take a picture. They were seated right across from each other at a little 2-topper table complete with flowers...looked like they were on a date...he, he, he...everyone stopped to say how sweet they looked, and I must say both were on their best behavior (or maybe they were just worn out from all the jumping?!?) - either way, isn't it so nice when you can have a nice lunch with your kiddos while gabbing with your girlfriends? Pure bliss!

Bridgette~ thank you SOOOOOOOO much for offering to jump with both of them! I owe you BIG as I know you got a workout chasing after two little busybodies!

And thank you Heidi, Segi, and Bridgette for a WONDERFUL girls' dinner. I had a lot of fun. You guys are the best and Lance & I really appreciate all the sweet baby gifts!