Sunday, June 14, 2009

school of fish

We love doing projects around here. Lately we haven't been doing quite as many as we usually do. I think the little pumpkin misses them, especially since school is out for the summer and she's not getting to do any there either. So today, we pulled out the paints and decided to create our own school of fish.

As soon as I put her art smock on her face brightened up and she yelled "PROJECT TIME!" :)

Mama, you said "fish" but I don't see any fishies in here?? Ahhh, paint + water = my kind of project! The messier the better! I like this one. This is "Grace fish". While we have the paints out...I think I'll take a little break to paint my fingernails :) Our fish family. Check out the eyelashes on the girlie fishies - he, he, he P.S. This is such a simple project. Just paper plates + paints. I've also seen where you can cut up a bunch of different colored tissue paper and glue them on the plates for a more 3D effect.

Have fun!

1 comment:

Virginia said...

Great project! The fishes look real good. Maybe you should frame
"the fishies family" and hang it somewhere (at least for a while) so she can admire her work.
Love, Mom