Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As featured in Little Miss Heirlooms

I remember reading a comment left on one of my posts from sweet Priscila of Little Miss Heirlooms and clicking on her site to check it out. My, oh my was I in for a treat! Pure eye candy for this vintage-loving gal! I looooooooooooove pretty much everything in her SHOPPE. Maybe I need to start dropping some Christmas hints - he, he, he.

I mean check out these adorable hAlloWeeN lOoT bAGs! That little owl!!!!!!!! I can already see an entire party centered around these! How fun would that be?! and then look at these - the sweetest little CiRCus know I'm crazy about vintage circus!!! And if that wasn't enough to get you clicking, clicking, clicking over to her adorable shoppe, then check these out: Yes, she even creates vInTAge INspIrED PaRTy iNvITatiONs. How perfect is that?!

So when Priscila asked me to do a little interview, I was more than honored. To be in the company of the talented Jennifer Hayslip of Sweet Eye Candy Creations...Sweet! Want to read about our recent Chick-fil-A incident? Then click right HERE. I promise you it'll make a bad day not seem so bad. So there you have it, my two minutes of fame :) Thank you Priscila for being so sweet!


TaDa! Creations said...

Oh what a treat! Loved the interview.

The England Family said...

That's how I found your adorable blog! Love it. I love your style, and the clothes your little girl wears:) I have a 2.5 year old boy and 10 month old boy/girl twins. I have to know where you get your little girl's adorable shoes? Looks like you have them in a few different colors. So cute!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the sweet comments ladies!

The polka dot shoes are Puddle Jumpers and we do have them in a rainbow of colors - he, he, he. Grace loves them, they fit her well and I'm pretty crazy about all those polkas! You can see all the styles at and then you can buy them at a bunch of sites online just type in 'puddle jumpers'. BTW, the T-straps do tend to run about a size small so order up!

the shoppe owner said...

Hi! I found you via little miss heirlooms. I am hoping you'll be able to help me, because, you see, you may be the final stop in the end of my search for the perfect chandelier for my daughter's room!!!

Do you have any idea where your mom found that amazing chandelier, and if it is possibly available anywhere else anymore???


Blessings, Susan

P.S. I love that, in your interview, you included your baby in heaven amongst your number of children.

Jessica said...

Hi, Susan,
Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

I sent you an email at the address listed on your blog :)

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