Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo Bash!

Grace and her school friends had the best time trick or treating each other. First, they decorated big brown paper bags with thumb print polka dots and with help from Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Patti added their names. Then they each took turns passing out their goodies to their friends. So sweet!

And although they have to save their trick-or-treat bags for home, they had a little boo bash with treats after lunch.

Grace was so excited to show me the jack-o-lantern she made during art time and even more excited to dig into her stash. This little ghost lollipop made her giggle. How cute is this little candy corn lollie??! She just plopped down on the floor and took her time enjoying that lollie! Don't you just love that about little ones - they stay so in the moment and just enjoy the simplest things that we tend to overlook. Tomorrow's the big day - can't wait to see my little cupcake and squishable tootsie roll!