Friday, October 2, 2009

Maggie Lee For Good

I recently learned on FB about 12 year old Maggie Lee Henson and I can't seem to get her beautiful smile and radiant face off my mind. Have you ever noticed that people who truly love and serve the Lord have a certain radiance about them? I'm not talking in philosophical terms, I mean simply an outward, physical radiance about them. Maggie Lee was one of those people.

Maggie Lee died August 2, 2009, from a traumatic brain injury she suffered July 12, 2009 when her church bus flipped and landed on her while on her way to youth camp. You can learn more about this amazing young lady HERE. Her tragic death reminds us all that life is precious and kindness matters.

To honor Maggie Lee's life, won't you join in on October 29th, her birthday, by committing to doing a good deed - an act of kindness. It can be anything you choose. Won't it be amazing to know that on what would have been her 13th birthday, thousands are showing acts of kindness to others. I think she would have been proud. Maggie Lee...for Good. One Day. One Deed. One Difference.