Sunday, October 11, 2009

a spooktacular weekend

I love Stephanie Fizer's quirky illustrations, so a while back when I spotted these cute Boo labels in her etsy shop I knew they'd be perfect for Grace's halloween goody bags at school. I think they turned out really cute! Here's a close up showing the silly straws Grace just HAD to have. So with that little project wrapped up, we moved on to making fun treats: MARSHMALLOW POPS! Grace got a kick out of poking the marshmallows with the lollipop sticks. Then you swirl it all around Add a few (or a LOT) of sprinkles And you're done! Of course, you must make sure they taste good :) Whatcha think of our little marshmallow pop bouquet? They look so pretty who can resist just one more. Eenie Minnie Miney Moe THIS ONE! Or better yet, a bite off each one (luckily this batch was staying home with us :) Me and my little baking assistant By the way, remember THIS fabric? Noonie turned it into the cutie patootie pants you see above! Thanks Noonie! Grace loves her "happy spider pants" :)


Virginia said...

What a great "sous-chef"!!! She looks so focused on what she is doing! You are building precious memories with your daughter. Way to go!
I love the way the pants turned out. When I finished them and showed them to Grace, she opened her eyes wide, smiled, looked at me and said "WOW, Noonie!" That, to me, said it all. I'll make you lots more, my sweetheart.
Love, Noonie

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