Friday, October 16, 2009

goblin treats

The little pumpkin came home from school earlier this week with this sweet little masterpiece, complete with iridescent glitter and googly eyes - so cute! Seeing her artwork reminded me of a recipe I had seen from Taste of Home. A quick search later I stumbled upon these and knew we had to try making some. Ours didn't quite turn out as perfect as theirs, but the little pumpkin and I had a lot of fun making them and in my book that's all that matters :)

Ingredients ready to go 1. Nutter Butter cookies
2. White Chocolate melting squares (calls for white candy melts, but I forgot to pick those up when I bought the cookies, so I had to improvise and use what I had on hand)
3. Mini chocolate chips

Mama, can I eat a cookie before we get started? Pretty please? These are super easy. Just melt the candy, dip the cookie, and place on wax paper (you can use an artist's brush to smooth out the fingerprints - we didn't bother on ours :) Then you must concentrate really hard on placing those chocolate chip eyes just right But the real fun begins when you start figuring out how to make the ghosts have "silly little eyes" In between every one of these... when you think mama is tending to your little brother... you sneak a fistful of minis and quickly stuff them in your mouth before returning to "work" :) Oh, how I love our girly time together!!

You can find the actual recipe HERE.

P.S. These were reeeeeeaaaaally sweet...and really yummy!