Sunday, November 22, 2009

5 months

Hudson - You are 5 months today!!!!! What are you up to these days?

You have 2 bottom teeth!!! You have been drooling nonstop FOREVER and then on 11/14/09, I spotted two tiny little teeth trying to make their way through your gums. And just a week later, they looked like this! I think you're trying to tell us you'd like a little more than just milk for Thanksgiving!
HA, HA, HA You weigh over 16 lbs, you're 25.5 inches tall, and wear a size 2 diaper.

You're not sleeping as good as you were (teeth?) but mostly you still wake up just once during the night.

You don't like to nap during the day. Usually just 15-20 minutes here and there. Unless you're in the car, then you LOVE to sleep :)

You like to rub your face with your lovies when you're falling asleep and you seem to really like your cow print lovie.
You've been rolling for a while, but lately you've started rolling 2-3 times in a row. Can't leave you anywhere anymore!

I think you're going to be a thumb sucker. You hate pacis and refuse to take one, but you love sucking on your little fingers. Used to be your thumb was not enough, but now you're starting to show preference for your right thumb.
You tried out the jumperoo for the first time! At first you weren't too sure what to make of it, but soon you figured it out and now you have fun bouncing and looking at the lights for 5 minutes or so at a time. You love to smile and your laugh is the cutest thing ever. A deep, throaty kind of laugh. Makes us all giggle! You are starting to "talk". All that jibberish is so funny. You can be really loud!

You like to pull hair. Hard. Enough said :)
You were a tootsie roll for your first halloween (SO CUTE!) and you left your costume on all night. You didn't mind it at all! You made your first trip to see Santa and you were all smiles. I bet it'll be a lot different next year! Your eyes are now brown and your hair is starting to really grow in. You love bathtime and your new trick is to splash your legs really fast and really hard. We're still bathing you in your little tub on top of the kitchen island and we're soaking wet when finished!

You like to pull off the owl from your bouncy seat and you're really quick now. We velcro it right back and you just take it down right away. After a couple of times you get kinda frustrated like "here we go again" :)

You like to look in the mirror and see that baby looking back at you. You think he's pretty funny!

We've given you a little bit of rice cereal and you like it okay so long as it's not mama giving it to you! {but I don't think it makes you sleep any longer}

You are weaned :(

You are pretty much enamored by your big sister as she is with you. You love watching her and when we go in her room in the mornings she always smiles the biggest if we're holding you. Can't believe how big you've gotten in just five months. Pretty soon you'll be a whole 1/2 year old and you'll celebrate your first Christmas all in the same week. You are the sweetest little baby boy and I love being your mom! Slow down a bit, okay? I want to hold on to your "babyness" for as long as I can!

XOXO, Mama

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