Friday, November 27, 2009

dear Santa

Another first around here...

...the little pumpkin "wrote" her first letter to Santa!

She's still not too sure if the jolly guy is okay or not in person, but on tv or in songs on the radio he's A-OK :)

Any project that starts off with glue - especially Dora purple disappearing glue - is FUN, FUN, FUN! Add stickers and you're guaranteed a good time! Always a mini spelling lesson thrown in just for fun... Drawing shapes for Santa And let's not forget to sign that letter! And what was on the letter? Well, here it goes:

Dear Santa:
I've been very good this year. I would love it if you would bring me THE PIG'S VERY LONG NOSE book. And TOYS. And A WAGON. And A BOY AND A GIRL. And A STRAWBERRY HAT.
Love, Grace

So excited! Good thing Santa can shop online because that book we've talked about at least 10x a day EVERY day for the past 3 weeks is nowhere to be found locally! Believe me, Santa's elves have been looking.

No clue about the wagon (she already has one) or the "boy and girl" except she also asked for babies later on and I just skipped right over that one (we've got our hands full as it is :). And the strawberry hat - I think she's thinking about her birthday party (that's my girl!)

Noonie~ this one is just for you! Grace saw me bringing the wrapping paper in and after saying how cute it was (pink snowmen), she asked me what it was for. Remember me asking you how come you and Santa had the same wrapping paper???? And you told me Santa had a room in his workshop where he had all the wrapping paper in the whole wide world and he would wait until the parents wrapped the gifts for their children and then he would match his to theirs? :) Ha, ha - not so easy the next year when I asked you why Santa's handwriting looked just like yours! :)

Oh, and I DID venture out on Black Friday! Crazy right? Well, it wasn't really all that bad. I guess since I didn't go at 3 am or whatever crazy time the stores opened, it really was just crowded, but I found everything I went looking for and I made 4 stops in 1 1/2 hours. Amazing how much faster it goes sans kiddos!

I DO remember getting up reaaaaally eaaaarrrrly one year while we were in college and dragging my friend Jammie with me all so we could line up to buy Yankee candles for like $12 (I think they were like $25 then). When the store opened people started running in all directions, Jammie and I got separated, and all I remember were candle jars crashing to the ground breaking, people fighting over scents, and people stealing each others' egg crates full of candles. HA, HA, HA, don't want to do it again but those were some fun memories!

I did read something really cute today. On Christmas Eve have the kiddos sprinkle oats and glitter on the front lawn so Santa can spot their house and the reindeer can have a little snack :) Childhood innocence...isn't it the best?

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