Friday, November 20, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Tomorrow we're taking Grace and Hudson to have pics with the jolly old fella, so of course we had to do a little dress rehearsal to pick out a sweet brother/sister ensemble. I couldn't help but snap a few pics along the way of this little guy that has stolen my heart... Okay, I thought I liked this red "chair" but I didn't know it rocked - now I'm not so sure?! (I'm so sad that I cut off his little toes all curled up!!! Those little tootsies are my favorite!!!) Ooooh, that's better! Thanks for keeping it still, mama! Before I had Hudson I worried - as I'm sure a lot of other moms have - that I somehow wouldn't love this baby as much as I love Grace, after all the little pumpkin MADE me a mom and the bond between mother/daughter/first child is one that knows no boundaries. Well, I worried in vain, for it is so very true that your heart just grows exponentially with every baby God blesses you with. When I'm rocking Hudson to sleep and he places his little hand on my chest I honestly feel my heart swell to its limits, swell with the kind of love for which there are no words to describe... Every good and perfect gift is indeed from above! I love you Hudson!

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TaDa! Creations said...

Adorable! I can just picture him as a toddler running around. He's getting SO big!