Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hudson's moo-moo

The other day we were almost ready to get in the car when I remembered the clothes waiting to go in the dryer. I quickly got out the playgym so Hudson could play while I folded the other load. Few minutes later I came in Grace's room to this: Almost too good to be true, right? Both kiddos happily playing giving mama a chance to get things done around the house. But wait. There was a little ulterior motive. I asked Grace what she was reading and she quickly informed me SHE wasn't reading, she was reading TO Hudson...'cause he asked me to...and then he said I could borrow his moo-moo. And so it starts...the little guy gets blamed for stuff he didn't do and now he even carries on conversations at 4 months old. Who knew?

Grace cracks me up with the things she'll come up with. Later that day, she was playing with Hudson a bit too rough - getting in his face a little too much. When I told her she didn't need to bump his head, she replied, "I'm not bumping his head, we're maching noses." Quite the negotiator, I tell ya.

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