Saturday, November 21, 2009

ho ho ho...or not

Sit on Santa's lap????
Are you cRaZY???!!!
We're going to go see who??? And I have to wear this girlie-looking outfit Daddy made fun of??? We had been talking about it for a couple of days and the little pumpkin was all excited about it, that is until she actually saw the jolly old fella in person...then she decided he was a little too much for her :)

Thankfully, I was prepared with a few little bribes treats just in case :) So when the photogs' curious george look-alike prop wasn't enough, I pulled out the giant peppermint lollie (pink and red, no less!) and asked Grace if she would give Hudson a little lick of it, sitting right next to Hudson on Santa's lap "to reach him". Of course, she thought that was hilarious cha-ching! and the little guy... well, he couldn't believe his luck! He went after that lollie like a little puppy dog, tongue just a going and baby drool running all over his little chin which just made the little pumpkin giggle even more. LoVE iT! Can't wait to see our Santa 2009 pics! Of course as we were leaving Grace remembered she was supposed to give Santa a few hints about what she might like for Christmas so at arms length, she yelled out "and I REALLY, REALLY like the pig's very long nose pig, OK Santa?" meaning THIS. Then when we were getting in the car I asked her what happened, why she didn't want to talk to Santa to which she replied, "Well, I shouldn't have to." HA, HA, HA She's something, isn't she? Love her!

And later at home... A little someone is in love with Petunia the Pig. She just can't help herself :) So if Petunia has any hope of making it to Christmas... ...she had to move on up! Petunia is now residing on higher ground...right on top of Grace's armoire where she can be admired from afar :)

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TaDa! Creations said...

Loving their outfits and I bet that Christmas photo will be just perfect.