Monday, March 22, 2010


I like to see beauty in everyday life. A blooming tree. A sleeping child. A thrift store find. A baby's laugh... I love the soft palette for Easter...and I love the story of the Resurrection even more! My favorite aunt, Aunt Dima, was actually my grandpa's aunt! She didn't have any children so she claimed me as her own and loved me so. She taught me how to make meatballs and lasagna, how to wash clothes by hand, how to pick out jewelry, and how to appreciate perfume. She passed away last year at age 97 and I miss her so. When she was young, she and my Uncle Willie lived in the city (New York) for some time. She loved Easter. She would tell me time and again about the sweet little children all dressed up in their Easter best, the ladies wearing their pristine day suits with matching gloves and bonnets. The church bells. The glorious flowers. The egg hunts. She loved beauty and she loved Easter and she loved making the everyday special and I think she passed it on to me! So in her honor I'm going to have a little get together for the itty bitty girly girls and have them come in their fancy hats and sunday bests. We'll dye easter eggs, decorate cookies, and sip our milk from the "good china". Nibble on some tea sandwiches and maybe a carrot or two... ...and perhaps a sweet treat too! We'll laugh and play and celebrate life......and give thanks for our Savior's most precious gift of all - our salvation!


Suzanne said...

I happened upon your blog a few days ago... you have some really cute ideas. Love this one. What a wonderful way to honor your aunt! I can picture all those little girls in their Easter best!

Heather L. said...

Love this post! Your table is beautiful - what a fun little party that will be. So sweet to honor your aunt. She sounds like a wonderful person!

Happy Spring!

Amber said...

Sounds like so much fun. Too bad e don't live closr. I know I would have fun dressing Reese up for this :) I'm always amazed at how beautiful your decorating is!

The England Family said... sweet! So wish we were friends and lived closer...I would love to send my little girl to your "Easter celebration Party." ;)

Jenn said...

Oooh can we come? That sounds like so much fun!!

And how did you get a hold of a Photo Love dress? She is darling in it!! I need to sell mine or something as Julia refuses to wear it but I am sentimental about it now for some reason :)


TaDa! Creations said...

Just beautiful! The words, the decorating, love it all! Wish we lived closer.

Lindsey said...

Can't wait to see your painting that ERinn made!

Jessica said...

My camera card is giving me fits!! Hopefully I'll have it up soon!

Jessica said...'s been so fun planning this little playdate party for the girlies! I do wish all of you lived closer and your little sweeties could come!!

Suzanne~ Welcome! So glad you stopped by ;)

Jenn~ You know a shopaholic cannot kiss & tell! tee hee hee No, in all seriousness, I LOVED that dress from the moment I first saw it. A sweet friend in Denver found it for me :) I don't think I could part with it either if I were you after that gorgeous pic you took of Miss Jules in it. One of these days I'm so making it your way so you can photograph Grace & Hudson for me :)