Friday, March 19, 2010

easter sneak

I've been having a hard time capturing good photos of Grace and Hudson together. Maybe it's their ages, maybe it's my lack of skills - ding ding ding ding ding...that's the little bell saying "yup, you got it - right answer!" - whatever the reason it's just not happening.

So last week I took the littles to one of those instant photo places to have a few snapshots taken figuring if someone else was doing the snapping and I could play circus clown full time then perhaps-maybe-hopefully-fingers crossed we could get a few sweet shots.

I hate the cheesy backgrounds, but I do love how sweet the littles look! And I love that you get a bunch of pictures, as well as the cd of all the shots, very inexpensively.

Grace, age 3 Hudson, age 9 months (rounding up folks! :) I love how silly sweet she was being in this picture. Handsome little fella! Sharing secrets......and smooches! This Saturday we're taking Grace & Hudson for our annual tradition of Bunny Pictures - pics with live bunnies - NOT with an "Easter bunny" (those scare me just a bit...sort of like clowns). On Easter Sunday we also take a family portrait to see how our family has changed in the past year, like THIS.

Do you have any Easter traditions?


Amber said...

They look so sweet in there Easter outfits :)! Love the last picture...just precious! My dad is a minister and growing up he always had a sunrise service and still does....yes it is just what it sounds like. You start service before the sun is even up. It made for long days as a little girl. The best memory is that my mom always made a big deal out of us going to buy our Easter outfits. I don't go to sunrise service anymore but I make sure everyone in the family has a nice new springy outfit to wear on Easter, and much to my husbands dismay, I try to have us all kind of matching. Guess I need to add to the family soon so I can give Lee a brake from the matching :)

Jessica said...

I love sunrise services!! Sadly with little ones we don't get to do those too often. Or midnight Mass. Oh, how I love midnight Mass!

I love for us to coordinate as well and I''m met with the same grumbles so I feel your pain! YES, YES, YES add to that sweet fam!! :)