Wednesday, March 24, 2010

favorite photo...favorite painting!!!

Two weeks ago I got very lucky and caught the sweetest snapshot of Hudson. I love that photo! And I L-O-V-E that little guy!!! I love how he looks like a sweet + mischevious little boy all at the same time and I love how he's doing his signature nose scrunch. *sigh* He's got me wrapped around his little finger, can't you tell?

Just recently I stumbled upon Erinn's blog while blog hopping from another friend's blog. A little about Erinn...she has a cutie patootie little girl named Georgia and just found out today that the twins she's carrying are boys!! AND...Erinn's a very talented artist!!

About a week before I took that sweet photo of Hudson I read THIS post and then THIS one and knew I wanted needed her to paint Hudson's little face for me. My search for the perfect art to hang above Hudson's crib had finally come to a very sweet end.

I had another photo ready to go and then I took that one and it was love at first sight...that is until I saw this amazing painting Erinn did for me! I got it this afternoon and Oh my, I was speechless. It is gorgeous. My photo doesn't do it justice. The texture, the details, the way she flawlessly captured my little boy's spark. I love it and I'm so glad I went with the bigger size (22x28)! Thank you so much Erinn!!
So if you're looking to have a one-of-a-kind painting of your cutie patootie, get in touch with Erinn. She's wonderful to work with and her paintings are very reasonable.

Off to go admire that painting once more...


Erinn said...

I hope your nursery is now complete!

Amber said...

Adorable little man! Erinn is one talented lady! The painting looks great above Hudson's crib!

TaDa! Creations said...

Oh I love that painting! What a great idea and it really completes his crib space. I'm keeping this in mind for Sam's room when we get around to decorating for him.

Jessica said...

It does Erinn!!! Thank you again!

Amber & Angel~ Thank you! I'm lovin' it!