Saturday, March 27, 2010

sick to my stomach {camera woes}

Today was the Junior League's Annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was also Hudson's first egg hunt. I got volunteered to take destined for the League's magazine and website. You know where this is headed, don't you? :(

I have over 70 gorgeous photos of easter-clad little boys and girls, hugging, jumping for joy, and hunting for eggs. I have sweet smiles, dimpled cheeks, and a few curled lips too! So where are these sweet pictures???? All trapped inside my camera card. Yes, my new camera card is holding my images hostage!

I can play the photos back on my camera, but when I try to transfer them to my computer - zilch, nada - won't even read the darn thing. I've transferred photos from this same card before. I've tried multiple USB cords and even transferred photos today from the same camera/different card without any problems, so it's the card that's the problem, not the camera or cord.

In a desperate attempt to free my photos I took the card to Walgreen's this afternoon. I got my hopes up as soon as all of my images beautifully appeared on their kiosk screen...and then as I was trying to burn the images to a cd - the same thing. The images won't transfer. The card's "lock" button is not on - I checked that too.

So for now all I have is this sweet photo of the little pumpkin and one of her favorite bunnies that I snapped with my point-n-shoot camera when we got home from the egg hunt (before I knew of the troubles ahead). I need my photos!!! S.O.S. Any suggestions??? Please help me!


TaDa! Creations said...

Oh that's so frustrating! Sorry Hon.

I just asked David what he thought and he said that sometimes there is an actual switch on the card. You can use the tip of a pin to slide it back and forth. It's usually there so you can't lose the pictures on your card. It might be brand specific though.

Otherwise, go to a professional camera shop that sells DSLR's, where the employees all know everything there is to know about cameras.

Good luck!

Marcia said...

Coming our of lurkdom... ;)

It does sound like it might be a software or hardware lock issue.

Have you looked at the properties yet? Right click on an image and see if any of the tabs indicate that the photo is locked. If they are then toggle it to 'off'.
Otherwise I agree with Angel about going to a camera store.

Hope that helps and you're able to figure it out!
Btw, I'm Marcia (friend of Angel's) and I LOVE visiting your blog! You have so many fun ideas and I love how much you show your love for your family and friends. :)

Jenn said...

OH girl...wish I knew what to do to make those photos magically appear!

I second Angel...head to a reputable camera shop...surely they will know what to do!!!!


Jessica said...

Thanks Angel, Marcia & Jenn for the suggestions!

Angel~ As far as I can see the camera card's lock switch is on the "open" setting and not locked, though I'm wondering if internally it is locked somehow. I tried the card in my point-n-shoot and an error card msg popped up with something like "card is locked". I'm afraid of tempering with the card for fear I'll permanently corrupt it so I'm headed to a pro shop tomorrow for help.

Marcia~ Glad you came out of lurkdom :) I tried your suggestion too on my camera on several of the photos and nope, no luck, the pics are not protected. By the way, your sweet comment made my day!! I DO love my fam & friends with all my heart and I'm glad it shows through my writing :) Thank you for your kind comment!!

Jenn~ You are a photo guru! If you don't have a clue there's no hope for me!!! :O he, he, he

So tomorrow morning I will get the littles ready bright and early and head to a pro shop...if that doesn't work I plan on calling a favor from an FBI friend...LOL, if they can remove "erased" files from weirdos' computers, surely they can copy my trapped images to a USB drive!!

I can see the look on their faces now "Yes, Criminalistics? Excuse the interruption, I need help freeing my egg hunt pictures from my camera card" HA HA - can y'all tell I'm desperate??? ;)

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