Sunday, May 23, 2010

and then it was time to come home...

After 5 fun-filled days (okay - minus my sore throat & no voice) it was time to pack it up and head home.

Day 6
We got up reaaaaally early this time - like 3am to avoid another airport mishap. By 4am we were ready to go. The kiddos were such good sports for such an early wake-up call. Thank you Angel for meeting us so early to get the car seats! You're a trooper! And thank you for letting us borrow all the kid gear. It made our trip so much easier!

I have to say THANK YOU to whoever designed these "kid spots" at the airport - heaven sent! I think every terminal should have them - great way for the kids to burn off some energy before boarding a plane :) Both kids slept a bunch on the flights which made them go by really fast. Before we knew it we were home! And so this marks the 18th year - I think - that we've been making this annual trip. It officially got its name, Mother-Daughter weekend, when I left for college but I think it first started around the time I was 15. We always have the best time and it's fun to see how our activities have changed since adding "Granddaughter" to the name and now "Grandkids".

Thank you mom for making our trip possible all these years! I love spending time with you and going on so many adventures. Here's to another 18+ years!

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Virginia said...

Yeah,Yeah!!!! Hurray for this tradition!!! It is wonderful to look back and see how our trips and activities have changed throughout the years. No matter what we do or where we go, we always have fun and I love and enjoy spending time with you... and now with the grandkids too! Here's to many more Mother-Daughter-Grandkids Annual Trips!