Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mall of America

Shopping Time! Who am I kidding? With all our sweet little ones it was more like
Playland Time! And it was wonderful.

Day 4
In awe over...Lego Land! When you pull three little girls away from playing and exploring all the new stuff and try to get them to sit down for a picture, this is what you get: {Jenn C - where are you when we need you??! Just kidding! But Angel & I DID talk about planning a girls trip next year quite possibly to your wonderful city!}

You get a much better picture if you ask them to give you a spooky face. That, they can handle! Time for Thomas the Train! Hudson's first ride! Somehow Angel & I managed to stuff ourselves in there with all 5 kids! Choo Choo! Time for a little Dora adventure Ready, Set...GO! While all that craziness was going on, a little someone just snoozed... Always a classic... I just love this little boy! Sam is the sweetest! His smile can light up a room like nothing else can. I loved getting to know him better and getting the sweetest hug from him when it was time for us to leave. Waiting patiently... ...for this fun ride! Time for a little ferris wheel action! Noonie, Allison, Grace and me in this one Dave & Sam in this one! Time to call it a day but not before shopping for a few souvenirs at the Nickelodeon store. Mimi: thanks for the spending $ you gave Grace & Hudson! Grace picked out a Dora castle and Hudson picked out that fun cup...and a little t-shirt with Mama's help.

A fun day indeed! As you can imagine, the kids slept great that night :)


Jenn said...

COME COME! That would be a BLAST! I'm not sure I could have gotten them all looking the same way at Lego Land either though...a girls got to know when to give up :)



Amber said...

It all looks like so much fun! Love that MJ outfit! If you ever sell it...please let me have first dibs and the skirt too :)
I so hope we can get a trip together!!!!

Em said...

Looks like you had a great time-now I'm getting exciting about my upcoming vacation! (Though I'm not sure my girls will look as adorably put together as yours!).

Two Little Tots said...

I can't believe you are in MN and you went to the times! The girls were just there a few weeks ago...we live close, but don't go much!

Hope you enjoy your visit!

Meandmyboys said...

Jessica what a great trip! Glad the kiddos enjoyed themselves and they are getting so big. It may be time for us to make another trip out there so we can see them before they start driving :)

Jessica said...

It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Jenn~ Fingers crossed/toes crossed - hopefully it'll come together!

Amber~ He He - I love that MJ line. Grace will probably get 2 years use out of it but if we ever decide to sell it, I'll let you know :)

Em~ Yay for vacations!! Now, I've seen what you've made for your sweet girls and it's all ADORABLE! Have a blast! Where are you going??

Melissa~ I didn't realize you lived close by!! Loved the area. So much fun!

Heather~ We SO miss you guys!!! We were just talking the other day how we wished we all lived closer so the kiddos could grow up together *sniff sniff* It would be WONDERFUL if you came. We'd love to see you guys!!!