Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a tad bit better

Hudson's fever finally broke after 4 days. Yippee!!!

My very own hot little wing was able to enjoy some of his favorite books and toys. Now, if only we could get these silly teeth to hurry up and pop through those swollen gums! We may or may not have celebrated with a teeny tiny piece of homemade chocolate cake. I'll let you be the judge. By the way...with this hairdo, Einstein has nothing on me!

The cake had a trance like effect:
"You're getting sleepy. Very, very sleeeeeeepy." But not for long...

Maaaaaaaaaa Maaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Get this mess off me!!! It's so sticky and itchy! I'm ready for my bath NOW! Of course it was my night to give the chunky monkey a bath ;)

So glad you're finally feeling better, Hudson!!!


Amber said...

Yea. Glad his fever finally broke. That is how long it Reese's to break but it felt more like 8 days! Love the chocolate cake face :)

Em said...

Glad your feeling better, cutie!