Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Minnesota Zoo

A fun day at the zoo is what we needed to get over our travel duldrums and boy did the Minnesota Zoo deliver!

Day 3
Bright & early - that's 10am while on vacation :) - we headed to the zoo. Angel, Noonie, and I and 5 giddy little ones ready to run & play. The MN air was a bit chilly (check out Hudson hiding in the picture) but it was a beautiful, glorious day. I must say the Minnesota Zoo was fantastic! We've gone to quite a few zoos since the little pumpkin loves animals and this one was A+. Highly recommend it if you're traveling in the area.

Having had a blast the day before playing with Allison & Emily "her friends" that first day, Grace woke up asking where "her cousins" were :) It was a joy seeing these three sweet little girls play together. Noonie made sure than no one ran away - no small job if you know our bunch! I love that Angel's girls started calling my mom Noonie right away. So sweet! Sam & Hudson LOVED the tropical exhibit with all the fish and tanks. Here's Hudson mesmerized... what, you ask? By THIS! Yikes!

The Minnesota Trail at the zoo was a lot of fun. Here are the girls howling like wolves. Grace checking out her wing span :) Not quite owl sized. But the girls had the most fun collecting these stamps located all throughout the trail! After all that walking it was time for a cool treat. Funny how all three picked the Pink Panther Pop :) Hudson enjoyed some good naps at the zoo but he woke up in time to enjoy some of that frozen treat too! That PPP sure came in handy when Grace got accidentally kicked in the lip by another little zoo visitor hanging on the monkey bars at the playground. Big busted bloody lip. OUCH! And you know what else Hudson enjoyed while on our trip? Yes! A bath in the sink!!! A first for my little guy. He loved it! And it was lots easier than chasing him all over the bathtub :)

And another milestone...Hudson fed ME for the first time! Without any prompting, he reached out and gave me a bite of his graham cracker. He sure knows how to melt his mama's heart! Such sweet memories.


Courtney said...

...Looks like you guys had lots of fun! :o)
I'm from is truely a great place for family fun!

Amber said...

We love the zoo too!

Jessica said...

We loved it in Minnesota, Courtney! My mom had been, but this was my first time and it was such a beautiful place!

Amber - isn't the zoo the best??? :)