Monday, May 24, 2010

sick sick sick

Poor little Hudson has been under the weather :( The littles and I usually have lunch with Noonie on Fridays and this past Friday was no exception. We headed out to our lunch spot and everyone was fine. By the time we got there, Hudson's cheeks were bright red and he was HOT.

Noonie said he had fever. I said he was hot from riding in the car. Well, guess who was right?

Poor little fella's had high fever 102-102.8° for the past 4 days. Turns out he's got a really bad sore throat...really, really bad - I took a peek and oh, my I can see why the little guy is in pain. He also has a double ear infection and to top it off it looks like he's teething too!

He's been feeling so crummy and it's just so, so hard to see your baby in pain and not be able to make it better right away. The worst has been seeing him shiver so much during those darn lukewarm baths to try and bring his fever down. Breaks my heart.

So it's been a tough weekend for our family. Our weekend highlight was spending 3 hrs. at the pediatrician's office yesterday, yes on Sunday. But I tell ya, I'm so grateful it was our doc's office and not the ER. And I'm even more grateful for drive thru pharmacies.

On a better note, as the pediatrician on call was saying good bye to him, Hudson not only waved good bye, he said the words too...for the first time!!!!!!! Such a sweet boy even when feeling puny. Maybe 'cause it was a cute girl pediatrician?? He is a big flirt, you know!

His fever was finally down to 99-100° tonight and so I'm praying and hoping that he's turning a corner. He's been sleeping now for a couple of hours and doesn't feel very hot to the touch so hopefully...

Baby Hudson: Mama, Daddy & Grace can't wait to see you get back to your smiley self!
We love you with all our hearts!


Heather L. said...

Oh no!!!!! Poor sweet Hudson. I hope he's much better this morning. I hate seeing our little ones feeling bad.

Suzanne said...

Hope the little guy feels better soon. It's no fun for him or for his mommy!

Mary Beth said...

sweet Hudson! Hope he gets to feeling better quickly!

Jessica said...

Thank you all! He's finally feeling a bit better. Whew! :)