Monday, April 11, 2011

all over the place

Yes, I feel like I'm dabbling in all sorts of projects right now and it's got me feeling like I need to reign it in a bit...but that'll have to wait 2 more weeks or so until after the Easter Party, Teacher Appreciation and a huge Easter Egg Hunt I'm co-chairing.

So since my mind is flowing with projects, how about some random stuff from the past couple of days?

Sooooo excited when I stumble upon a new designer that is the whole package: Incredibly cute clothes...ORIGINAL designs (SO BIG on this one!)...Fun fabric combinations...Excellent craftsmanship...Great communication...Super fast shipping...

Just a little sneak peek for now...more soon!

2. Finding Balance. I've been working some really late nights lately making sweet, one-of-a-kind birthday hats for some super sweet customers. I love the design process and I love thinking of little ones wearing my creations on their special day. But I've got to fine tune my production calendar or I'll work myself to death. So...if you're thinking you'd like to order a hat, please order EARLY!

3. Lulu & Co.
Speaking of some sweet's a sampling of some of my latest creations.

For Emily...For Gracie...For Max...For Ronnie... It's what's on the inside that counts, right? :)
4. Embracing Change.
Sometimes you just have to jump in, feet first. Just a few days ago I went to my haircut appointment and came out minus 5" and a lot darker...and I LOVE it! I don't have a good picture, but here's a little snapshot...taken by Grace...with my good camera...the thought of my camera crashing to the floor prevented multiple takes.5. Mellow Yellow
When I was in college and worked at the Gap some 15 yrs. ago (yikes!) they had this one cd with a song that went something like "they call me mellow yellow" that played over and over and over again (Segi~ you know what I'm talking about!!) and even today I find myself humming that tune.
I'm lovin' yellow these days, here's proof:
6. Sushi
A little someone is embracing new things...Yay! I'm so over the always requested spaghetti-noodles-with-butter-and-parmesan-cheese-no-meat-please. And don't worry, no need to call the bad mommy police, it was a California Roll after all.

7. Bring on the Strawberries
With whip cream, of course! Fork completely optional.
Just thankful he's eating fruits again...he's been going through a VERY picky stage lately. 8. Movin' on up
So proud of the little pumpkin for moving up to the next swimming class! Which means she's now in class with one of her "bestest bestest friends" (Grace's words) from school, McKinley, and they're having a blast! I'm excited she gets to keep her same teacher, Ms. Megan. We ♥ Ms. Megan!

9. Berry Pickin'
I can't wait to go to the Blueberry Farm like we did last year! Fun Fun! Mmmmm...those blueberry popsicles are calling my name! For now, how about this sweet vintage tablecloth...Picnic anyone?

10. Old Friends.
My very own "bestest bestest friends" + a playdate = BLISS! So fun to catch up with dear friends while our littles play together. The nap-inducing after effect of the trampoline wasn't bad either *wink*. And what a sweet surprise to walk in to an impromptu birthday celebration with a divine tasting buttercream covered cake - yum!
Thank you, Bridgette and Thank you, Segi!!
And thank you Jammie & Xavier for the unexpected date night! (next time, I'm bringing the camera - ha!) Thank you for watching the littles, Mimi & Lexi!

Happy Monday!


Amber said...

Love these post....full of yumminess! AND I NEED that table cloth!!! It would be perfect for Reese's bday party! Did you already buy it :)

Louley's Belles said...

Sweet Post! As far as the duckies and Easter dresses, I have considered it, but the reality is they POOP so much, I am not sure I am brave enough. :)

Heather L. said...

What a fun post - sounds like life is busy and happy for you these days =)

Love the new hats - yours are SO pretty inside - mine look like a glue-y junk-y mess LOL! I love how finished yours are. Great job!!!

Jessica said...

Amber~ I'd be happy to let you borrow it for Reese's party! It's a smaller one - think breakfast t.cloth (50" square). I'm using it for our Mother's Day picnic :)

Laura~ I didn't think of THAT, LOL!

Heather~ You're too funny! I'm sure yours are great! And I so wish we lived closer so we could work on our creative projects together!

Kris said...

Lots of good stuff!! I too am into YEllOW!!! And the combo of red and!!!
I just spray painted a wicker settee in bright yellow and put it out by my garden. LOVE it!

Sarah said...

Love reading your blog. Have read it for years (found it through Angel's blog... we are friends from church growing up). Anyway. Love the hats! And all the sweet, creative things you do for your kiddos :)

Kelli said...

I LOVE the tabe cloth...where did you find it? I think I can find a place for it in my kitchen;)

Cricket said...

I adore knot dresses! And I have learned to make them--so much fun mixing and matching patterns and colors! I am going to the Fabric Warehouse to see if I can find some cute fabric tomorrow!! And I have several old vintage tablecloths...that I just LOVE from our local hardware store!Love your pics as always!!!

Jessica said...

Thank you guys!!

Kelli~ the tablecloth came from this etsy seller: