Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the saturday before easter...

...was super busy!
(warning: picture overload!)

After dyeing eggs in the morning, we joined our dear friends, the Anderson's, for their neighborhood's Easter party and then headed to Mimi & Pop's house for dinner.

First up, face painting!
We tried Hudson first, but he was not having it! I remember when Grace wouldn't have anything to do with face painting...maybe Hudson will be up for it next year. Grace's pick.....a unicorn, of course ;)Emily's pick...LSU! Yay, Emily! Hmmm...are you trying to subconsciously help your brother make his college decision? ;)Next up, the sweet bunnies!!! The bunny kept trying to jump out of Grace's lap...he he he...I think he could tell she was a wee bit nervous. Emily held on to that bunny like a pro! And then it was time for the long anticipated... On the hunt... There's just something about easter eggs that makes littles and grown-ups alike smile BIG! And while the girls ran from one activity to the next, this little guy had the most fun doing this...Yup, the jumpy jump! HA! Right as we were leaving, the little pumpkin ran into one of her little friends from school...Kennedy! She was so excited!!! Such sweet friends! Thank you Anderson's for inviting us! We had the best time!!

We were hoping the littles would nap on our drive to Mimi & Pop's but nope...they were much too excited for that.

They loved hanging out with their cousins... And looking for more EGGS! This time Hudson got into it too! Memema has been a little under the weather so we were soooooo happy to see her there feeling a bit better! In all the commotion I didn't get pics of the littles with Mimi & Pop - boo! - we'll have to make up for that really soon!

Thank you for the yummy dinner and sweet easter goodies Mimi & Pop, Aunt Lexi & Jade, Aunt Tammie, Aunt Marilyn & Memema!!! We had
a great family night!