Thursday, April 21, 2011


That is how I felt about the gorgeous backyard at the Goodman's, who were so gracious to open up their home for our Junior League's Easter Egg Hunt this past weekend.I wish I would have taken a picture from the patio looking out, but sadly I didn't. I was too busy setting up, making sure all the food was ready and all the eggs were hidden. There were fun iron statues, a water fountain, little hidden sitting areas, and more... This picture makes me both happy and sad. Happy because I caught them like this...completely unscripted, just lovin' on each other {this was taken while I was setting up, they were playing with empty eggs we brought from home}. And sad because Hudson looks SO big to me! Maybe it's the shoes? ;) Trying to get a group picture of the little children in their sweet Easter outfits was next to impossible, as you can see.Ready, set, GO! Hudson had a lot of fun putting eggs in his basket {and dumping them out too!}. This little Southern Belle was as cute as could be! This little guy made me smile from ear to ear! He was so cute and such a BOY! I can now say I know 100% what that means :) Grace was so serious about her egg picking strategy...hmmm, maybe because she helped hide them??? *wink* But even with the best of intentions sometimes you just get a dud. The littles were enamored with this adorable fairy house nestled deep in the garden. Mrs. Goodman told me the fairy house is full of dress-up clothes and all things make believe. Can you imagine the playdates??? We kept it locked to avoid squabbles, but check out these adorable vintage rocking horses out front...LOVE! Lance was chasing after the littles when Grace ran up to me sad faced and all to tell me the fairy had pushed her off the porch and told her she couldn't play there. I thought she was making it up until she told me it was the girl with the fairy wings. I told her to invite her to play together. And then a few minutes later I found them like this... I have no idea what they were saying to each other, but by the looks of it it wasn't "let's play together". The little pumpkin loves to make new friends and include others, but she's no pushover, I tell ya! I once overheard her tell a little friend that was over at our house for a playdate, "Don't talk to my brother like're hurting his feelings." Loyal she is. There were so many sweet babies there, like this little guy content to sit in a sunny spot and play with the eggs... And these brand new itty & sister......who happily napped under a shady tree while their big sister hunted for eggs - so, so, so sweet! After some sweet treats we called it a day! I think all the littles there had a pretty fun time. THANK YOU, GOODMAN'S for opening up your home to us! Your southern hospitality made everyone feel right at home.

Today was the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week at Hudson's Mother's Day Out program (FUN STUFF! More on that soon!)...and I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief having completed 3 big projects this month. I'm looking forward to some carefree days in the coming weeks!


Unknown said...

This looks like such a fun day! We're having a hunt this weekend it will be my little one's first one! I can't wait to see how excited she gets! Loving your posts and the adorable outfits as always

Spears said...

love the sweet picutre of Grace loving on Hudson :) And the ones of her standing her ground are PRICELESS! Keep those handy to pull out and remind her of her strength when she's a teenager surrounded by pressures and catty girls. Happy Easter to your sweet family!

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys! :)