Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{easter} at home

Easter Sunday was one of those gorgeous days that makes you just look up at heaven and say, THANK YOU! Thank you to our everlasting God for His abundant grace, for His Son Jesus Christ, our Savior, and for our blessings here on earth, which for me include these two littles that fill my heart with love and joy like no other!Noonie & Papa J came by around 9:30a so we could all go to Mass together. We attempted a family photo, but BRIGHT sun and littles do not mix...actually, silly mamas that want outdoor pics looking straight into the sun + littles is what doesn't mix. Boo! As you can see we didn't get the best pic, but we're all there, together, and that's what matters. Noonie & Papa J with Hudson After church, we headed home to open easter baskets and enjoy lunch. On each birthday and holiday, I like to write the littles a sweet love note using my vintage cards...I hope one day these little notes will mean as much to them as they mean to me as I write them.

Grace's card had a frilly "lace" hat - so appropriate for my girly girl who loves to play dress-up! I couldn't find a really boyish card that had a sheep on it - and Hudson is all about sheep right now! {Says "Ba (pause) ah ah ah" in the cutest little voice anytime you ask him how the sheep goes} - so this one with a little lamb seemed just right... Grace checking out all her goodies...
{I love that her smile is still one part "baby" in that bottom right picture!}
Hudson mesmerized by his new trains... More sweet treats from Noonie & Papa J! My sweet girl... My baby boy (itching to get on the floor to play with his new toys!)... And then it was time for lunch! Take out lunch! Avocado burgers & ice cream sandwiches - completely unconventional! HA! Lance & Papa J went and picked it up for us - yay! I set up a simple table using the eggs we dyed the day before. Grace and Hudson were so proud to have their eggs front and center! Crayons and sketch paper (and a little sticker surprise hidden under their plates!) keep those busybodies happy. {Family} is what it's all about! When Papa J & the little pumpkin team up, the laughs are never far behind... The sweetest little chuckles... And because the best memories are made out of the silliest moments...Yes, pop rocks! We all took a turn crunching the cotton candy pop rocks from the littles' baskets...funny stuff! {Life is good} God is GREAT!

Happy Easter!

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