Monday, April 4, 2011

she's got skills...

...and she couldn't wait to show them off to us! She wasn't excited or anything ;) The weather coooperated beautifully and we spent a lazy afternoon outside watching her go, Go, GO! And so it begins...a little taste of freedom... And to finish off our Sring Break, we met some of our sweet school friends for a climbing-jumping-bouncing playdate... the kids jumped to their hearts' desire while the grown-ups sipped lattes - FAB!Girls just gotta have fun! Thank you McKinley for inviting us!
And even though our new swim buddy Seth got stuck up north with a delayed flight, we can't wait to meet you too, Seth!These kiddos play so well together...if only we could freeze time!

Happy Monday...and Happy Spring Break to so many of you!


Amber said...

Love how excited Grace looks! I am so jealous of your warm weather and shorts wearing :)

Kris said...

I just love the way you embrace motherhood!!!!