Monday, December 5, 2011

Bears count their blessings...

Last Friday the little pumpkin's class - Bryan's Bears - went on a field trip to where else, Build-A-Bear! I must admit I'm not a fan of stuffed animals at all, but both of my littles love BAB, so Hudson and I met Grace and her class at the store, so he could make a new little cuddle friend too, and guess what he picked.......................a new "Dragon" (crocodile), of course! Sweet friends waiting for the store to open...Pandemonium!The only must be a BEAR!Time to see those bears come to life!The little pumpkin picked out a cute little chocolate chip bear that sported a Dairy Queen Blizzard and actually smelled like chocolate chips...Then we had to girlify her, of course ;)Meet Fluffy, decked out in her Princess Aurora dress & crown!Hudson's turn! He was sooooo into this dragon, talking to him and everything...Serious cuteness! He was giving his dragon smooches......and even high fives!Fun times at BAB!Noonie met us there which was a fun surprise......we love having Friday Lunch with Noonie!We ended up having lunch with one of Grace's sweet little friends from school Paityn, her mama, and her little sister, Aubrianna. Paityn & Aubrianna's daddy is in Afghanistan - he was scheduled to come home right before Christmas but now it looks like it might be 3 days after Christmas...pray with me that somehow he makes it home before Dec. 25th, will you? Wouldn't that be the best Christmas gift for this sweet family??!After lunch we went to visit Santa and play with the "snow" at a nearby store...And on the way home...he he he...told you he was crazy about his new dragon!Thank you, Mrs. Bryan for a super fun field trip!Better go! Have to go get those Christmas cards addressed & mailed! Aaaaah!


Julie@teachinggoodeaters said...

I love your blog and especially love you North Pole Breakfast which I hope to do some day! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Lindsey said...


Diary of Jazz said...

This looks like a good place to go. We have a Build-A-Bear in a big shopping centre near us. I have not been yet, but Mr and Mrs A tried to find me an outfit in there... everything was either too big or too small... oh dear! Jazz x

Jessica said...

Thanks for the award, Julie!!! So sweet!

Too funny, Jazz!

Unknown said...

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