Thursday, December 1, 2011

sneaky little elves...

Yes, Super Belly & Cookie Rooftop are at it again! After "deciding" to sit in the same place two nights in a row {and today is just December 1...Gasp!} they really were active last night.At exactly 5:55 a.m., this sweet little face woke me up out of my dream state {I dreamt I was pregnant with twins, a boy & a girl - what in the world??!!! Nope, not preggers.} to tell me in her sweet little voice that there was a marshmallow trail all the way from her room to the living room.He he he...seems Super Belly & Cookie Rooftop got into the leftover marshmallows from our North Pole Breakfast and had themselves a little midnight snack, dropping some all along the way. Silly little elves.And.................I have a confession to make. Do you secretly wish to rearrange your littles' Christmas trees??? Oh my, I'm fighting the urge - HA! But for now, they are just as they should be. We'll see how long that lasts seeing as they like to add more & more stuff to them every day.Two new Lulu & Co. hat designs are on their way to celebrate two fun December birthdays...a Very Hungry Caterpillar second birthday for L, a sweet little boy that I made a Dr. Seuss inspired hat for last year......and a Winter/Penguin themed 1st birthday for sweet little K.Happy December Birthday Boys!!

And just to keep it pic that didn't make the cut from our North Pole goes life with littles around! :)
First day of, love, love it!


Deborah said...

Love their trees. I've been looking for a green one and a white or pink one. Do you mind letting me know where you got them?
So cute.

Jessica said...

Hi, Deborah~ I got the shiny aqua one in Hudson's room at Hobby Lobby last year and I'm not 100% certain, but I think Grace's came from there too many years ago. I know our local Hobby Lobby still has some little trees in fun colors. They have white for sure and I think they have a fun green tinsel one too. Good luck!

Virginia said...

Can't believe what those 2 little elves are up to! I wonder where they got that idea? Let's see what they think up to do next. I'll be looking forward to it.

DisneyBride2008 said...

Hello! I have been a heavily pregnant lurker for about a month now (I am reading your blog from both ends) and I just LOVE it! Our Elf is called Mack Mack (named by a 21 month old) and is generally up to no good. He has been hugged and loved to the nth degree (yes, we know the rules but my son loves him!). I have 9 weeks to go in my pregnancy (probably more as my LO was 9 days late) and I check every day for updates!

Jessica said...

Hi, Sara-Jayne & welcome! Only 9 weeks...well, even less now! exciting!!! Congratulations on your upcoming arrival - I love, love, love babies!! :)

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