Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hmmm...not too sure about that big jolly fella

A couple of weekends ago we made our annual trip to visit St. Nick. This year our plan was to hand deliver the littles' {letter} to Santa. Grace worked on it really hard while Hudson told her what he would like Santa to bring him and she added it to the letter.

All was well with the littles before they knew Santa had snuck in the room...they were giddy with anticipation...

Then Santa came around the corner...the little pumpkin was nervous but she handled it like a pro {thank you, Mr. Pat!}. She handed him the letter but wouldn't talk to him or stay near him while he read it...he he he.Hudson, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the jolly old fella. Notice the cookie bribe... yes, mama always comes prepared! Right after this pic, he bolted from Santa's lap - still, so cute!More sweet Santa pics {here}. Awww...the memories!
My littles are growing way too fast *sniff, sniff*


Deborah said...

Now that picture is a keeper. I love the look on his face.

Amanda T said...

Awe!! Such cute pictures. :)

Diary of Jazz said...

Now I love Christmas... but I would be a little bit nervous about meeting the 'big fella'. I completely understand Grace and Hudson... Jazz x

Jessica said...

he he...thanks ladies!