Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{gifts from the heart}

Last week during their shopping excursion, Grace and her classmates bought Christmas presents for their parents at the dollar store. They then helped their teachers wrap them before proudly presenting them to us a couple of days later.I wanted to wait and open them on Christmas morning but the little pumpkin was much too excited to wait a whole week and a half.My sweet little pumpkin giving me the gift she helped wrap...I'll help you open it, Mama!
And I'll hold it for you too, okay?!
This right here is all the "gift" I needed this Christmas...
I found two things that I wanted to get for you, an angel and this ring cage (he he he). I wanted to get both but since Mrs. Bryan said we could only pick one thing for our mommy and one thing for our daddy, I saw that this one had baby Jesus and I knew you would like it the best, so I picked this one for you. Do you like it, mama?
Oh, my sweet little pumpkin...I LOVE IT!
It opens UP, mama! Did you know that?It's the little things that mean the most...Wait mama, I have even MORE presents!And this is our house, Mama! I made it yellow just like ours...we have a happy house, Mama!
{So sweet!...You don't even know how happy it made me to hear her say that. I'm so glad she feels that way because some days I worry that with all the craziness of coming & going, we don't take enough time to just focus on the things that really matter.}
Grace, I love you with all my heart! You are a blessing in our life and we thank God for you and your little brother every day.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Noonie for grabbing the camera and insisting on taking pictures even though I had been running around like crazy and didn't feel like having my picture taken. I will treasure these forever!And when Lance got home, someone couldn't wait to give him his gift...Daddy, I'm good at opening gifts. Let me help you.It'!
{notice Hudson's little hand in the corner...he dropped everything he was doing to come check out the flashlight!}
I picked the sparkliest, shiniest one I could find, Daddy!It's okay if you share it with Hudson, Daddy, 'cause he likes flashlights too.Love you, Daddy!Thank you for the best presents ever, Grace! We LOVE them!
Mama & Daddy


Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

SUCH a sweet post!

Amber said...

Soooo SWEET!!!! G did a great job!!! Reese: look she is wearing pink, and a tutu....I think she is a fairy. Me: I think she was at dance class. Reese: Me too I need to go to dance class too :)

Cricket said...

I almost teared sweet!! You have a wonderful family!! I know you treasure it every single day!! What a sweet little girl!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my this is too precious! I'm tearing up and it's not even my family! haha I'm sure you will always treasure that memory. So glad Noonie snapped pics too! :)