Monday, December 19, 2011

Preschool Christmas Party

Last Thursday, the little pumpkin's class had their long-anticipated Christmas was a Rudolph themed party full of fun activities and treats for 13 excited littles who can't wait until Dec. 25th!I just love this picture of Caroline! One of our stations was a keepsake rudolph canvas with each child's footprint and handprints. Can you tell Caroline was just a wee bit ticklish?? :)Grace's turn...
The next day, after the paint had dried, they each decorated their Rudolph by adding eyes and even a bow if they wanted to make theirs a girl Rudolph.
Next up, Make your own Reindeer Food! All I can say is those reindeer will have no problem at all finding these 13 houses...they were all VERY generous with the sparkly sprinkles!!Painting ornaments was a big hit...luckily, no major spills!Solomon's dad recited Twas the Night Before Christmas...he was sooo good! He captured their attention and had them laughing in no time at all!And then it was time for a little official reindeer ceremony. I had a special little package for each child...their very own Rudolph nose! Mrs. Bryan & Mrs. Peterson had made antlers for them so it worked out great! They were sooooo excited to put on their noses.I think the Rudolph noses were my favorite part of the party...he he he.Caroline was the leader that day and Grace was the caboose so they got to give Mrs. Bryan & Mrs. Peterson their Christmas gifts...cute little tinsel trees full of gift cards from each family!I wanted something different from just a basket full of gift cards and I think the trees turned out cute. Both teachers liked them - yay! And it was fun to surprise these two very special teachers who do so much for our littles.Who knew Santa had so many reindeer? A few of them didn't want to wear their reindeer gear, but aren't they so cute??! I love all these sweet littles!Time for treats! Yum!
{one little hint if you decide to make reindeer NOT use the fudge brownie mix - HA!}

The Grinch Punch was a hit!I had to tweak it a bit due to time constraints, so instead of {this} recipe I ended up mixing one 2L bottle of lemon-lime soda with 1 bottle of white grape juice (can also use white cranberry juice), scooping a little vanilla ice cream in each cup and then pouring the juice mixture over that. Minty green and sweet!Time for the gift exchange! Girls brought a gift for a girl and boys brought a gift for a boy, $5 range...then they drew numbers and found the gift with the matching number...Here it is, right here!Grace ended up with Paityn's gift and Paityn ended up with Grace's gift...they were so tickled!Time to open those gifts!!Our last activity...Pin the Nose on the Reindeer! Super cute, even if there was a little bit of peeking...he he he.All in all, it was a super fun morning spent celebrating Christmas and having fun with friends...I think we crammed a lot of fun stuff in that 1 hour time slot!!I had a lot of fun organizing this party and couldn't have done it without the parents' and the teachers' help, especially my co-host Angela, Julien's mom - thank you Angela!!

Later when we got home I asked Grace if she had fun and she told me, "No, I didn't have fun, I had a BLAST!" Sure made it all worthwhile!
I can't believe Christmas is just 5 days away!!!!


Julianna said...

Another great reindeer cookie idea is to take a pretzel and put a rolo on top of it, put it in the oven for a just long enough for it to melt, but not lose shape. Then put a red m&M on top of the rolo! Cute, easy reindeer!

Anonymous said...

The party looked so fun, i bet she loved it....
I have a question were did you get the christmas tress?


Angela Alexander said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angela Alexander said...

Sorry for the repost. I saw a mistake and had to delete, lol. But, I love these ideas! I'm incorporating some into our Christmas party on Thursday. We were only going to decorate cookies, but change of plans, lol. I have 10 children in my class and I know they'll be THRILLED, especially with the "Grinch Punch"!!! And, your children are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for posting. God bless!

Jessica said...

What a cute idea, Julianna! I'll have to try that with my littles - they would love it!

Hi, Lizeth! I bought the trees at Hobby Lobby the day before the party. They were 50% off and just $8/each!!

Hi, Angela! Thanks for your sweet comment! The punch was such a hit - your students will love it! Have fun and Merry Christmas!!

esby said...

I need to help with my daughter's preschool Christmas party this year. I was looking for ideas and liked the 'pin the nose on reindeer' game that you have here. Where did you get that from?


Jessica said...

The game was from Target that year! I haven't seen one there this year, but maybe Michaels, Party City or Hobby Lobby would have one! There might also be some free printables you can try via Pinterest!

Merry Christmas!

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