Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm always on the lookout for sweet vintage cards, but they have to be unused since I like to write little love notes to the littles. I was super excited when I found both of these
{on etsy} in one day!

For the little pumpkin's easter basket...
For my always-on-the-go sweet boy's easter basket...
{the stock pics are both kind of fuzzy - sorry!}A fun find...super sweet vintage inspired fabric for a couple of special projects coming up...Just as soon as I get my sewing maching back {yes, STILL not back!!!}, I'm making the gorgeous Nelle, Brownie Goose's newest about this sweet {and a bit shy} little kitten... yes, part of my birthday projects, but not in the usual way...he he.And then there's this vintage child's hankie that I just couldn't pass up...Eeeek...the colors!In all this kitty-cat birthday talk, have I mentioned I'm a dog person - Ha! It's true! But who can resist some sweet vintage kittens??? I am having such fun planning a sweet celebration for the little pumpkin, that's for sure!

And finally, a couple of sneak peaks...

For B's little boy~For A's daughter~One last thing...Since I know a lot of you are really creative, can you help me come up with some fun party favor ideas for Grace's vintage kitten birthday party??? I have about 30 kids, split pretty evenly between boys and girls, most of them 3-6 years old.



Baby Badger said...

Mittens and Mini Pies of some sort. The the three little kittens, who have their mittens can eat some pie! Or what about sweet little cat ear headbands? Or perhaps some adorable little mice?
Or unwindable favors. Use crepe paper and wind it up with little bits and goodies like stickers, tiny toys, a sweet treat or two. They will look like balls of yarn for all your kittens and they will have so much fun unwrapping them!

Heather L. said...

Hmmm...I'll have to think about it. My first thought was some tiny stuffed mice of some sort. My mom made a bunch of them for Emily awhile back - if you want me to, I could take a picture for you. Also kitty cat ear headbands sounds really cute as the previous commenter suggested. For the girls, maybe a little kitten hairclip of some sort? I found these on Etsy - you could just glue some on ribbon lined clips, maybe add a tiny bow or something.

Now, if you have any ideas for a Thomas the Tank Engine party, please send them my way =)

Can't wait to see what all you do for this party!!!

Julianna said...

A tradition I have had for my kiddos are charm pulls. This also works as a favor if you buy some string and they can wear it home (after it is washed) as a necklace. After I bake the cake but before I ice it, I lay the charms down on the cake plate in a circle. Each charm should be attached to a pretty bit of ribbon about five inches long. Then decorate you cake. After you sing happy birthday each girl or boy has the joy of pulling out a charm. So fun, you can do cheap rings or toys too.
Another economical party favor we always do is homemade cds. Our kids pick their favorite songs and we burn them and give them out as gifts. Lastly, I always sew my own party bags. A homemade touch and works as a favor too! :) (FYI my girl was born March 7 and my boy June 7) We are planning a Mad Hatter tea party over here!

sara said...

Goldfish come to mind!!

sara said...

Goldfish come to mind!!

Teresa said...

I love the idea of cat ear headbands for the girls. Maybe cat masks for the boys?

What about ribbon wands with bells on them - similar to a cat toy. Here's a blog that has tutorials on how to make them -

I found this site which has some great (and simple) ideas for a kitten themed party -

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Perhaps decorating party bags to look like kitten faces ... then filling with things like Gold Fish, Swedish Fish, and other trinkets like the suggested headbands, etc. Golden Books also has a nice selection of vintage looking kitten-themed stories that might be nice to add in as well.

Mandy said...

We love the story out of the golden books, 'color kittens'. You could read that story at her party and then for a treat in a bag you could give them little paints and paint brushes. Just an idea :)

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Anonymous said...

Those vintage cards are cute.

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