Sunday, January 15, 2012

meow, meow {birthday party planning}

About a month ago, I started asking the little pumpkin what type of party she wanted to have for her 5th birthday. We tossed around a few ideas. I really thought she was going to go with "Lalaloopsy" - one of the contenders - since she loves playing with the mini dolls.

But then one day while playing with Praline (kitty cat) and Chocolate Chip (puppy) - two of her little American Girl stuffed animals, she came to me and said she wanted to have a kitty cat birthday.
And then a few days later she told me she wanted to have a kitty cat birthday................................................................... at.our.local.gymnastics.facility!
He he, that's my girl, always mixing it up. Not sure what
'kitty cats' and 'gymnastics' have in common, but it's kind of fun too, since the gym is where I used to work while in college. The owners are such great people - I know it'll be a fun day for her and all her little buddies and they'll have the entire gym to themselves. Let the swingin' and flippin' begin!

So to sweeten it for my girly girl, I tweaked it a bit and we're having a vintage kitten birthday party with lots of pink and aqua blue {her favorite colors} and a few other fun colors to make it pOP!

Can't wait for March 10th...I think it's going to be just purrrrrfect. *wink*

Kitten in Mittens:
The Sugar Nest
Bunting: Starlit Nest Gifts
Miss Kitty:
Loralee Lewis
Candy: Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats


Heather L. said...

What a fun theme! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

PS - I'm going to email you soon regarding a birthday party dilemna I am having - I think you may be the perfect person to help me =)

Kelli said...

How fun! I love love love those colors and am starting to redo my sweeties room in those colores. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the party. I saw your other post about Tangle 11 when will it be out?

Ashley said...

I ADORE your blog and ADORE following all of your cute stuff on pinterest!

Angel said...

Adorable idea "Kitten theme Party". Look forward to seeing your creativity. You are a true artist and your work is inspiring. It's wonderful to connect with others that have an appreciation for sweet vintage things. I've always loved having parties and adding special touches but haven't done much since my 3 year old was born except her birthday parties. You've inspired me to create a fun and whimsy Valentines day party for my daughter and a few of her friends. Thanks so much for you delightful blog!

Ashley said...

so cute! love everything about it!!

Lois' Laughlines said...

Oh my, what an inspiration you are to everyone who has even given a party. Your blog is darling. Thanks for sharing this great ideas.

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