Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Do you remember {last year's} birthday mayhem?
We are so not having a repeat performance.

It *seems* the little pumpkin has finally made her choice for the big #5.
{of course, just the fact that I'm uttering the words means she'll probably change her mind tonight - HA!}

This year we're lucky because her actual birthday - March 10 - is on a Saturday which means we can have one combined party for family & friends all on her special day. Yay!

So what's the theme?
Want a hint?
Here ya go!...............with a twist, of course *wink*
I can't believe my baby girl is about to turn 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelli said...

LOVE IT!! I have been waiting for pictures of a ladies cookie party...did you have one this year?

Teresa said...

Oh how exciting, I can't wait to see the theme and the birthday celebrations unfold!

Rachae and Janelle said...

My daughter also turns 5 in march! We've already been party planning. :) I wish I could hire you!

Jessica said...

@Rachae & Janelle...too sweet! thanks for the compliment!

Kelli~ we skipped the cookie party this year...just couldn't get it planned on time for early December and with everyone's busy schedule I knew it'd be a mess to do it later in the month :( maybe next year!

Ashley said...

can't wait to see!!! is it a cat theme? my daughter is begging for a cat party...i need ideas! ;) Now we are working on the 1st birthday party....winter one-derland...can i hire you!!???;)