Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reyes {2012}

Uggh, I feel like I've been running so far behind this week!! This first week of the new year has been B.U.S.Y!!! I've been playing catch up ever since the clock struck 12:00 on 01.01.12. About the only thing that's up to date is our laundry because I'm just a little OCD about our laundry - HA!

Anyhow...this past Thursday on the Eve of Three Kings Day, the littles cut grass to leave for the camels of the 3 Wise Men traveling through the night to meet baby Jesus and pay homage to our of the traditions I grew up with that Noonie is helping me pass on to Grace & Hudson.

Grace kept cutting and Hudson kept dumping! Boys!!They were so excited to fill their little shoeboxes!!And then in the morning......the camels the Wise Men traveled on had eaten all the grass and los Reyes Magos (the 3 Wise Men) had left them some surprises!

Hudson was up the time I got out of the shower, he had already partially opened his present, but I managed to grab my camera and snap a few pics...Grace - my little night owl - was still sound asleep. I woke her up and when she remembered it was 3 Kings Day she jumped out of bed!Later Noonie came over and it seems the Wise Men had visited the littles at Noonie's house too! She brought over this fun automated train track puzzle that Hudson just can't get enough of!!Noonie, let me give you a big squeeeeeezy hug!!Grace couldn't wait to see if the Wise Men had visited Noonie's house or not. She was sooooooooo excited when I picked her up from school and Noonie told her they HAD!Art supplies! The little pumpkin's favorite! Yay!Thank you, Noonie!!The littles were both jumping off the walls, hugging, squeezing, climbing, wrestling...guess to be expected for a Friday afternoon after the first week back from I just rolled with it.And can I just say I have some of the sweetest memories captured on film all thanks to Noonie! Thanks mom! I always love downloading pics and finding the surprise ones you always take when I put the camera down.Good times!Off to make rice krispies treats with the littles to try and use up the 4 bags of marshmallows I found when I cleaned our pantry yesterday! Yum!