Tuesday, January 17, 2012

happy birthday, noonie!

Sunday was Noonie's birthday. We celebrated with lunch. and cake, of course. and a little stack of happy presents.Oh, and the owl? The little pumpkin helped me decorate...he he he. But I do love that little owl!
{looking at the pic, the OCD in me is having a fit over the non-conventional placing of the forks by the knife, even if I put them there myself for a casual setting. Aaaah!}
My sweet mom.Happy Birthday to you...
"Noonie, I put 6 white candles for 60 and 1 pink one for the one, because pink is the best." ~ Grace.
Happy Birthday, dear Noonie...
{notice who's already blowing...}
...and many more!A little someone couldn't wait to try the tres leches cake...These are all for you, Noonie!!L.O.V.E.I'll help, I'll help!!This picture makes me laugh...check out Grace & excited over the purse and then there's Hudson sort of like, eh, what's the deal? Let me see if this thing right here comes off or not.Lookin' good, Noonie & Papa J!Just us girls...
{someone was hamming it up for the camera}
Love this sweet one of Noonie and the little pumpkin!
{and of course, Hudson - in typical male fashion - wanted nothing to do with the pictures. Aaaaah!}
Happy 61st, Noonie!
{and if you're wondering, 'why are you putting her age for the world to see, don't you know you should never do that??!' this is what Noonie always says, "be proud of your years, they are a gift from God."
Amen to that.


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Virginia said...

Thank you, my dear daughter! It was a good day and a good celebration, surrounded by loved ones.Love all my "helpers" for gifts-opening....brings back a lot of memories: "Ayudo, Mami, Ayudo?"
Oh, the circle of life is sooo beautiful!!!