Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hudson's first swimming lesson!

A week ago yesterday, Hudson had his very first swimming lesson...he looks so little here to sweet baby boy!
Not too sure about this whole floating thing...
But the "island"...he LOVED the island!
Don't let me go, okay?!
But when she said, "let's kick", he was ALL smiles!
There's that island again...and this time rInGS!
He sure tried out a lot of different equipment in that 1/2 hour lesson...
Not too sure at first...
But by the time he made it to the side and practiced "elbow, elbow, tummy, knee" he was smiling and ready to go back in!
Last stop...the slide!
Yay for a great first lesson!!  He loved it.  I think I have a water baby on my hands ;)
The little pumpkin started back too...she was super excited!
Noonie and Papa J came to watch the littles. These two had some very serious conversations while Hudson swam...
Love the bond between these two.
Thank you Noonie and Papa J for coming to watch the littles! Noonie, the littles love their swimming lessons...thank you!


Virginia said...

You're welcome!
Loved seeing Hudson in his first swimming lesson and Grace resuming hers and remembering all her previous ones. Way to go kids !!!

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