Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Funday

This is a really busy week for us. Lots of comings and goings, awaiting some important news, and it's Teacher Appreciation Week at Hudson's MDO, followed next week by TAW at Grace's school.

In honor of this crazy busy week, here are a bunch of random things from the past couple of days...

I'll do a post at the end of the week to share more of the teacher appreciation ideas, but to start things off today I made these "Rise & Shine" breakfast-to-go mini buckets. They LOVED them!! Sometimes it's the simplest things that make the biggest difference, isn't it?Lately I can't get enough of this combination... YUMMY!
190 cal + 8g fat...just the perfect on the go breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.
Speaking of food...last night I made Creamy Chicken Casserole for dinner and it was delish! EVERYONE in my family ate it and that's big around here!! I forgot to take a picture and I have no idea where the recipe came from...I found a copy in my recipe binder but no link or name on the paper, so if you sent this to me, let me know so I can link back to you!!

3 cups cooked chicken, cut into cubes
2 cups chopped celery (I used just 1 cup)
1 can cream of chicken soup
8 oz. sour cream
onion powder
2-3 cups crushed Ritz crackers

Mix together first four ingredients.
Season to taste with onion powder, gaqrlic, salt & pepper.
Spread mixture in greased casserole dish.
Cover completely with crushed Ritz crackers.
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Saturday morning, we almost missed dance recital pictures!! Just forgot about them the night before so I didn't get to plan ahead and lay everything out. All you dance moms out there know it takes some time to get hair & make-up done and in costume!! Luckily we pulled it off. This is her self-described "cool pose" while dancing to "I like to move it, move it" from Madagascar. Silly pumpkin!
The wind was bLoWiNG but I managed to snap this one too...Sweet little pumpkin!Look what I stumbled upon last week!! If you've been following along for any length of time, then you know I have a soft spot for the 3 Little Pigs {here & here}. I love this style of vintage comes with a little pull-out story, just like the Goldilocks one I found last year.I think I may have a *mild* fabric obsession but I just can't help myself. I was so excited when I found more of one of my faves...South Hampton by Henry Glass. The blue is more of a true aqua than this swatch shows. LOVE!Here's a better's the bodice fabric in this sweet dress by Nelle*s.And last but certainly not least, this adorable dress by
Pretty Me. I love Angie's designs and I just can't get enough of vintage sheets!! Love, love, love it!Tonight we're trying {this} recipe. I've been trying all kinds of new recipes for my picky eaters. If you have some winners, please send them my way!! Pretty please and Thank you!

Have a great week!



Lili said...

I have been following you for some time now, and I just love all the things that you have to share with us, they're plain amazing!!!!!!!! Today you left me wondering what's inside those cute buckets, can you tell, please?

Olivia said...

Love the ideas of the buckets Jessica! I've been meaning to write and ask you when Teacher Appreciation is this year. I always love your ideas for it. We don't have teacher appreciation week but I like to do things for them like it just because. Also, we do know Ms. Robert's birthday is on the 30th of this month and I thought we'd celebrate it by using some of your TA ideas. Thank you again for all you share with us!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your breakfast to-go buckets. How adorable!!! And you are totally's the small things that make a huge difference when you add your special little touch of fun! :)

Penny Power said...

Hi there. My name is Penny from Little Housewife all the way over on the other side of the world in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am your newest follower and just wrote a wee piece on my blog about your blog to share with my readers.

I simply adore what you do :)

Keep up the wonderful blog. I find it so inspiring and look forward to it each week.

Warm regards,

Penny x

Penny Power said...

It would help if I shared the link with you wouldnt it - hehe :)

Queen of Good Intentions said...

Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!!! I have had those buckets in my gift stach and haven't known what to do with them! I will be copying you for sure!! I check your blog to help get going when I feel like I am too tired to keep up, and you always inspire me to keep pushing ahead! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your week!

Jessica said...

You gals sure know how to make a girl feel good! Thank you for all the kind comments.

The buckets just had a banana, a yogurt, and a homemade banana nut muffin. I wanted to add orange juice but the bottles didn't made them look overpacked so I skipped the OJ - HA!

Penny~ thank you so much for the kind post! So sweet!!

I googled TAW 2012 and it said May 7-11, 2012! Both of my littles' schools have early ones, I guess?

Virginia said...

Love Grace's pictures in her ballet/tap outfit. She looks so grown up !!! Time is passing too fast!

amandapreece said...

I've been following you for a while and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your take on Christian parenting:) I'm also a teacher, and if one of my Mamas brought me that sweet gift, I'd be over the moon! And the chicken of our faves, too! Have a super day!:)

TaDa! Creations said...

What a gorgeous girl! And that Little Pigs card is adorable too.

Jessica said...

Awww...thank you Amanda!!

You are so sweet, Angel. Thank you!

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