Friday, April 6, 2012

now, where are those eggs?!

Yesterday both Grace & Hudson had their Easter egg hunts at school. I was so glad they weren't at the same time so we could make it to both!!

First up, Hudson's turn at Mother's Day Out. Aren't these cookies adorable??! I didn't make them but I may have to make some for Sunday!!

I made this simple but fun trail mix for Hudson to share with his classmates {inspiration via here and here}.

I also made more of {these} for Hudson to give his sweet teachers and MDO director.Oh, this could have been such a cute pic if I hadn't been laughing like a hyena!! Look at those two handsome guys!Finally, it was time to go look for those eggs!Checking out his loot...Hmmm...what is this??I wonder if my buddy Cole will mind if I borrow some eggs...Oh, hi there Cole!Time for snacks!Going, Going, GONE!Ready to sing their sweet songs about Jesus...Except someone was NOT interested in singing AT ALL!
{Figures! He sings all these sweet songs at home all the time but today at school - nothing!}
Hudson: Singing? NO. Holding hands? YES!
Carson: Want to hold hands, Julianna?
Julianna: No way!
he he he...these pics are too funny!More hugs...What can I say, he's a hugger!Their last song was all about hugging their friends - perfect for Hudson! He went all around the room until he got to Maddie, the sweet little girl he talks about all the time. Anytime you ask him who his friends are at school, he always says, "Maddie and Carson."And then he hugged her and hugged her and......hugged her some more! HA!And later on the way home???
You betcha! He sang the songs!!



Nichcole said...

Happy Easter!!
May I ask where you found the cute carrot bags and the bunny bait tags?

Jessica said...

Hi, Nichcole,

The bags are Wilton brand from Walmart {in the cake decorating section}.

The tags I just hand wrote on scrapbook paper!! ;)