Thursday, April 19, 2012

the wait is finally over!

After waiting for 3 long months, today was FINALLY the day we found out what elementary school Grace would be attending next year. Placement at this school is ultra competitive and the process is nerve-wrecking to say the least, but I'm so happy to say she tested in the 99% percentile and was accepted at our #1 choice school!!!!! Praise God for an answered prayer!!I ripped open the envelope the moment I got it out of our mailbox and even called Lance so Grace could tell him before we even made it into the garage, so no pictures there - Boo! But Noonie was at our house taking care of Hudson, so the moment we walked in the door Grace was able to share the good news with her...It was such a sweet moment. Happy tears indeed!

We also got another surprise in the mail today. Remember {this} painting???
"Tilley the Tiger" was entered into a city-wide art competition for students and it WON an award!! A preschool level juror's choice award!! She gets to accept the trophy at a ceremony next weekend and she is sooooooooooooooooo excited. In fact she told Noonie about the award before she told her about the school decision - HA! Grace loooves art!

We are so proud of you, Grace!!
{please ignore the crazy long bangs...the little pumpkin has decided she wants to grow them out and they're in that super-long-but-not-yet-long-enough-to-pin-back stage!}
Hudson wanted in on all the action too!I always make such a big fuss over the artwork and projects they bring home that Hudson now runs to me saying, "I made this for YOOOOUUUUU, mama!" Oh, it makes my day!!I LOVE that sweet butterfly and all the shapes you used, Hudson!!

We celebrated with dinner at Olive Garden...Grace's pick. What a great day! So relieved for this wait to finally be over and yet at the same time today was bittersweet. Several of our friends did not get in to the schools they applied to and that breaks my heart. I know God has a plan for every one of us, but I also know how hard these types of decisions can be on parents. So tonight while I'm thanking God for an answered prayer, I'm also praying comfort over our friends who feel let down by today's school decisions.

I'll be back tomorrow with a recap on Teacher Appreciation Week!
Good night!



Karen said...

I remember when I opened the letter just as you did in the driveway and it said accepted into our school of choice, the best k-8 school hands down in the county, area I was screaming too. The right education makes such a difference. I am so happy for both of you. Even though this school was not the ones for your friends God will put the right one for their child in their path and they will flourish. What a happy day.

Heather L. said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!

Is this a private school? I have never heard of having to apply to a public school before.

Unknown said...

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Jessica said...

Thank you both!

Heather~ it's public, can you believe it??! We have regular "neighborhood" schools where you would go based on geographic location and then we have a handful of schools with a competitive admissions process. The school Grace will be going to is ranked #1 so it's difficult to get in. It's a crazy process, that's for sure!

Olivia said...

Congratulations Grace!!! What a smart kiddo! So proud of her and of you and your family for raising them the right way. :)

Izzy's top pick for school was strictly by lottery and we did not get in. :( However, like you said, God has a plan for all our kids and we know that she is where she needs to be right now. It's not always easy to accept but we are taking it in stride and are blessed with knowing there are some great teachers looking out for her.

Donald Conrad said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting :) I love, love, love all of your daughter's clothes. I really love that three little pigs smocked outfit! Do you ever sell her stuff when she is done wearing it? If so, I would love to buy that for sure :)

Virginia said...

Wow! Huge accomplishments! Grace was only 4 yrs old when she painted Tilley The Tiger and when she tested for this school.
And Hudson: I love that butterfly!
Papa J and Noonie are SO PROUD of both of you!

Jessica said...

Oh, Olivia, that is so tough. But you are so right, God aLWAYS places our littles just where they need to be. There is such comfort in that!

Resells: Yes, through my resell blog!

Mom~ I have no doubt that both Grace and Hudson have learned so much from having you and Judy take care of them in our home the three days I'm in the office. THANK YOU!!