Sunday, July 1, 2012

polka dots for Reese...and a freebie!

Miss Reese is having a fun polka dot birthday party so this little hat should fit right in.
Amber, I hope your little sweetie loves her hat!
Happy 4th Birthday, Reese!
Well, today is July 1 and Lulu & Co. is open once again!  Now accepting orders...turnaround 2-3 weeks.  Check out past designs {here}.

We had a little mix-up when it came to Hudson's Gruffalo birthday shirt, made by the talented Kelley of babe-a-gogo, so I ended up with two of them! One with a "2" and one with the correct "3" which he wore for his birthday party and loved!
I'd love for this adorable, brand new shirt (Gruffalo applique / #2 / Hudson / size 3T) to go to a good home and make a little boy happy, so if you happen to have a Hudson who is two or about to turn two and you think he'd like this shirt, leave me a comment with your email and I'll send it your way for free {U.S. only}. Even better, I'll add a new copy of The Gruffalo dvd so your little one will know all about one of my Hudson's favorite characters!

PLEASE no resells on either of these items. I really want another little Hudson to have them. First comment wins.

I can't believe it's July 1st!!!  This Summer is flying by!


Sara Moon said...

I'm so sad! I have a Cole who will be 1. Would love to see the video, but no tv time for awhile : )

Off to look at your shops. I need one with a farm theme!

Amber said...

Love love love the hat and I know Reese will too! Love the cute house button :) Thank you so much!!!

Sommer said...

I have a Hudson and he just turned 2, May 10th. I am sure that he would love this shirt and DVD. I follow your site regularly and love your creative side. Thank you so much.

email is

Jessica said...

Happy to make a farm hat for you if you decide, Moon&Me!

So glad you like it, Amber!

It's yours, Sommer! Please email me your address to and I'll get it out to you!

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