Sunday, September 30, 2012

Matryoshkas, Boo surprises and Canton

Oh my, I don't even have words to tell you how much I love this little MJ matryoshka dress!! May just be my favorite one ever. Of course I'm quite partial to nesting dolls, but I think it's the vintage style I love most...
Yesterday, my dear friend Heidi and I had a girls day out at Canton. It was pouring down so we didn't get to venture out in the fields where you find the real treasures (boo!), but I did come home with some fun finds, including this fun jack-o-lantern stake that three people tried to buy from me before I could even get it to our car!!
...and this adorable little shirt for Hudson, a modern take on old western wear. I love to find fun boy clothes like this, but I'm not so good with boy clothes, so if you have any favorite lines, please share them with me! Please and Thank you!
While I was in Canton, another one of my BFFs Segi dropped off the sweetest little boo day treats for Grace & Hudson...
Lance was with the littles at swimming lessons {thank you for taking such good care of them so I could enjoy a girls day!  love you!} and I forgot to call him and tell him to check by the front door after Segi called to tell me - oops!  So when I remembered right before bedtime, it was an even funner surprise for the littles!
Oh my, they were so excited!! The whoppee cushion and funny glasses were their favorites...and let's not even talk about the sugar rush...yes, we caved and let them consume copious amounts of pop rocks and sour candy just before bedtime -
A+ Parenting, I tell ya!
But you know what they were even more over the moon about????!!! The invitation to Shabella's first birthday!!  The littles are crazy about Shabella, Segi's niece.  She is the cutest little thing with big gorgeous eyes and hair TDF!! Love her and can't wait to celebrate with her next weekend. And yes, I have your Mickey hat ready to go for the big day, Miss Shabella!
Thank you, Aunt Segi!!
♥ Grace & Hudson

I'm slowly pulling out the halloween decor, just making little tweaks here and there, but it sure is making the house look festive! {yes, I need to change out my chalkboard!}
Totally random, but here goes...

I L.O.V.E. popcorn balls - could seriously eat my weight in popcorn balls - and that's a scary amount!  So last week I went to Walmart {mistake #1} because they had popcorn balls {they skipped out on us last year}.  I was so excited to open the bag and bite into the sweet crunchy treat when the smell stopped me dead in my tracks.  Oh my, I don't know what it was - if they were bad or treated with some sort of disgusting preservative like McDonald's pink slime, but the stench was horrendous.  Gag!  The taste was okay {yes, I opened 5 more just to check...} but I couldn't get past the smell.  So maybe I have given up popcorn balls for good *tear*.

Speaking of other gross things...turkey legs.  Chomp, Chomp.  They gross me out.  Something about walking around Canton seeing big and little people chomping off big hunks of turkey off a stick - GAAAG!

Okay, off to finish some hat orders and then meet a handsome little fella for a Lego playdate in his room ;)

Bye for now!


Robertson Family said...

I bet you can make your own tasty popcorn balls!

Moore Memories said...

Precious dress!!! Love, love, love Canton...skipped this month but always find treasures there! Glad you had fun!

Jessica said...

I DO need to learn to make those popcorn balls so I can leave out any of the yucky preservatives!!

Canton is the BEST! Love, love, love it!!

Unknown said...

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