Monday, November 12, 2012

hello, Monday!......and a little question.

One part little girl, one part big girl...
One part little boy, one part big boy...
{Hudson...getting fitted for Aunt Segi's wedding}
I've been looking for this little skirt in the sunnyside gold color, in a size 5T, but it's sold out online and our Target stores are out of it too.
If you happen to be a frequent Target shopper like me {blush}, will you take a peek and see if your store still has it? I'd be glad to paypal you the funds and cover shipping.
Thank you!


Myra said...

Hi Jessica! I love how you style your children. So cute! I believe I live in the same area as you, but we will be out of town for Thanksgiving and one city we are going to currently has the skirt in stock. It's over a week away, but I will gladly go look for you if you haven't got it by then. Have a Blessed day!

Ashley said...

I'm at Target 24/7, I should probably wear a red shirt...ha!! The website says "limited stock" at one of the Targets near me.....I'm happy to check it out for you!;)

Ashley said...

They had it!!!:) whoop whoop! Email me!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much, Myra! Looks like I found one!

Ashley~ THANK YOU!! Emailing you now so I can PP you the money! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, where did you get that adorable kitty dress?!

Nicole said...

Just saw this skirt today. Now you have me wishing I bought it...

Amber said...

I have been waiting to get this skirt until it went on clearance....and they SO here at my store. They did have a royal blue in G size for $3 and almost bought it today :) but the mustard was my favorite!

Jessica said...

Amber~ we have the coral and looooove it!

Nicole~ go back and get it! he he he ;)

Jennifer~ The kitty dress/top/leggings is from KPea Original........looooooove KPea!

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