Friday, November 2, 2012

The Red Plate and the Day I Dropped the Ball...

Back on October 18th, Grace came home with a very special plate...
Seems her teacher tested them on their sight words and she was the only student in her class that knew ALL of them!!  Even the ones they had not yet studied in class!
Way to go, Grace!!! Daddy and I are so proud of you!
{Nutella waffle...her favorite case you're wondering!}
Then Friday, October 26th, the week after our {huge fundraiser}, I was trucking along, thinking how glad I was that one of my big October projects was over...even stopped for a special treat...
And then........................dum dum dum dum...

At exactly 9:25 a.m. as I was sitting down to pay bills I looked up and noticed a spider web craft Hudson brought home from school and then I remembered...................Grace was supposed to wear black clothes to school for a Spidery themed day her class was having! What did I send her in??? A cute Matilda Jane outfit with a RED flowery cardi.  Here take a look at the outfit {pic from Feb, 2012}:
So I did what any sensible (read: crazy) mama would do. I grabbed the blackest outfit she owns (a little grey and black polka dot dress from the Gap and the matching striped leggings) and dashed like a mad woman to school, Hudson in tow. A quick schedule check said she was in music class.

I pulled up to the school and had to park 2 blocks away...whaaaat??? So I grabbed Hudson and ran the 2 blocks carrying him. Seems there was a school performance for another grade - cars EVERYWHERE! Thank goodness for the sweet office staff who didn't think I was too, too crazy when I told them I was there to dress my daughter in black.

Exactly 30 minutes from the moment I realized my mistake (yes, I still pick out her school clothes...), she was changed into the cutest little "spider" outfit!  When I found her at school (they were in the performing arts center), she had the cardi buttoned all the way up.

Grace:  "You know why I have this buttoned all the way?"
Me: "You're cold?"
Grace: "Because it has BLACK polka dots."
{Insert major mama guilt!}
Me: "But there were lots of your classmates that didn't have black clothes..."
Grace "No, not LOTS." {double mama guilt}
Thank goodness she has a good imagination...and a forgiving heart.
Me: "Let's keep the red head wrap on with this spider hat you made and when you go back to Ms. V's class you can surprise her and tell her 'Abracadabra, I became a black widow spider while I was in the PAC!' "
Grace: {giggles} "She's going to be SO surprised!"

And here's a picture of that cute spider after school....
Crisis averted...Check!



Mrs. Cozy Home said...

OOh I have so been there ... that moment when you realize what you'd forgotten, your whole stomach does a flop!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

I did even worse... I realized that I sent mine in the same outfit for the "terrible" school photo as the year before... ran to the school with a change, but the teachers looked at me like I was crazy...guess I am... hee hee

btw... love your blog list... I have been using it lately rather than blogger bc my blogger will no longer allow mulitple pop ups and I don't know how to fix it... your list is great!!!

Ashleigh said...

At least you didn't realize you had forgot to bring the apple pie on apple day at 11:45.snack time was at 9:30. Crisis NOT AVERTED.....and I was so embarrassed and felt guilty for a week. Especially when EJ asks me to make the apple pie for her class over and over again!

Angel said...

Way to Go in Averting that crisis! Don't we all go Whew.... Thank goodness I barely caught that one. We have so much to remember & to do for our families. And it's just such a busy time of year. As always your a great mom. I remember my mom running up to school to save the day with something she forgot. It always meant so much that she cared. One time she forgot I need Pom Poms in 3rd grade for school performance. Quickly she ran around the house trying to come up with something & magically she made me a set of pom poms out of Christmas tinsel. Crisis averted. :-)

Erica said...

I did the SAME thing on PJ day at my son's school!!! Except I was teaching so I did the only sensible thing...called GRANDMA! She drove like a mad woman to my house, picked up jammies, and busted over to school. My son WAS the only one without jammies, so we were glad she could come to the rescue.