Saturday, November 24, 2012

a visit with the jolly old fella...

More Disney pics soon, but for now here's a tidbit about our day...

Today we paid a little visit to St. Nick...the littles are always super excited for this early morning adventure...
Sometimes they're too giddy with anticipation to let mama take a few quick pics...
There is always laughter, that's for sure!
And don't tell anyone, but sometimes mama has to go ahead and give in to the silly "tooting" jokes...
...just to get a couple of real smiles ;)
Seems on the way there, the little pumpkin added about 20 items to her wish list and Hudson just wants Legos..."a whole bunch of Legos...Star Wars Legos...and a red velvet cupcake". That boy and his sweet tooth. He takes after his mama.  That St. Nick sure was sweet...he even shared mini candy canes with the littles after their little chit-chat...
Fear not Hudson, your wish for red velvet cupcakes may come true, hmmm, maybe even a wee bit early.  Our house is smelling super yummy right about now...what's that I hear...could it be?  I think I hear Super Belly and Cookie Rooftop, our friendly elves, preparing our annual North Pole Breakfast!!

More soon!


Jaclyn said...

I have been loving your blog, so inspiring!!! We are getting ready for a disney cruise and I am taking notes, love the mickey mail :)
Could you please share where you found Grace's little Chrismtas dress?

Jessica said...

Thanks, Jaclyn!
Grace's dress is from KPea Original - love her designs!!

Unknown said...

omg I LOVE their outfits! I took my little guys to see Santa recently & it was so much fun!

Can't wait to see pics of your Elf arriving; this is our first year doing it & we're having fun :-)

~Elisabeth@The Beekeeper's Granddaughter

Ceci said...

Jessica, Im very exciting about your North Pole Breakfast. I been reading your blog for almost two years and last year I started the tradition of the Elf and the surprise breakfast. Today I prepared all for my kids and my nephew. Thank you for the wonderful idea!!! My kids love their Elf and they are already talking about next years breakfast.
Love to read your post and I can wait to see more pictures of your trip to Disney. Im a Disney Nerd :0)
Take care!


Capture Our Lives said...

I seriously adore your blog. I'm also introducing the Elf on the Shelf to my 3 year old and her accommodating older sibs this year. I am so excited. You put so much thought into every detail of your childrens' lives. Also, may I ask where you purchased your daughter's necklace? Do you also have a Facebook? Thanks!

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments!! I love "meeting" so many of you!! :)

The necklace she is wearing is by an etsy shop that just closed recently (Love by Mimi) but I just ordered a very similar one for Christmas from this etsy shop:

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